Ashland's Brammo makes deal with Singapore manufacturer

ASHLAND — Electric motorcycle maker Brammo Inc. announced a deal today with Singapore manufacturer Flextronics to produce motorcycles and components.

Brammo said the partnership enables it to rapidly ramp up production to meet demand for products.

Brammo has manufactured motorcycles at its plant in Ashland. It is unclear whether that will continue under the new deal.

"As Brammo pursues its international growth strategy it is critical to our success that we continue to build our strong reputation for quality, reliability and serviceability," Craig Bramscher, Brammo founder, said in a statement. "We can now scale globally with the demand and the rapid evolution of this growth industry."

Flextronics helps customers design, build, ship and service electronics products at its facilities in 30 countries on four continents. It counts Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Johnson & Johnson among its clients.

Bramscher told the final assembly of the electric bikes will be spread out over the globe.

"(Flextronics) will be manufacturing all the electronics components, or most of them, and then they'll be doing the final assembly close to the point of consumption," Bramscher said. "Eventually the bikes for Europe will be made in Europe, bikes for Asia will be made in Asia, bikes in North America will be made in North America."

Bramscher indicated his firm will still design, engineer and specify Brammo components.

"Vendors for motorcycle components are not going to change," Brammo told Hell for Leather magazine. "We're not all of a sudden going to have a cheap Chinese brake on there. There should actually be a benefit on the quality side due to Flextronics' massive purchasing power."

— Greg Stiles

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