Both parties are at fault

I really don't enjoy responding to partisan rants. However, by remaining silent after Ed Dillon's recent vindictive tirade in the Dec. 9 Ashland Daily Tidings I feel gives consent to distorted illusions.

Ed Dillon's first paragraph states: "In the early '50s Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy was holding a witch hunt, trying to prove the hordes of citizens were communists. In the process he ruined the lives of many decent people. By the end of the '50s, the John Birch Society was doing it again."

Really? An article titled, "Glenn Beck: History Vindicated Joe Mcarthy" by Thomas R. Eddlem ran in the June 15, 2010, New American, the bi-weekly periodical of The John Birch Society. This was preceded by an April 1, 2010, article in the same periodical by William Jasper titled, "Media Jump to Smear Right With Extremist Label." Both remain archived and can be read online via

A witch hunt? Sounds to me like Dillon is on a witch hunt. Further on in his commentary he viciously attacks the Republican Party.

Like him, I, too, was formerly a registered Republican until wisely switching to the Constitution Party back in July 2001. I agree with some of his criticism of the GOP, which is warranted. However, I really have no respect for either Socialist Party A (Democrats) vs. Socialist Party B (Republicans). Why the masses blindly suck up to either remains a mystery to me as both continue to con, deceive, manipulate and perpetrate treason, fraud and dishonesty, and are anything but honest. Chuck Baldwin's "A Two-Party Death Grip" for Feb. 15, 2008, states the case best. Access Click on "Chuck's Archived Columns."

Remember back in 1968 the late Gov. George C. Wallace rightly stated that "not a dime's worth of difference exists between the two major parties: Democrat and Republican." The fault remains with a deluded dumbed-down public who refuses to learn from this and who continue voting for the lesser of two evils.

As far as The John Birch Society is concerned, the American public can learn about them at their own source via In fact, the Aug. 26, 1971, Berkeley Daily Gazette, commenting on The John Birch Society's 1958 10-point predictions for the United States by Robert Welch, stated: "Whatever else, call him (Robert Welch) correct."

For more on this, watch Welch's two speeches at the JBS Council Dinner in L.A. on March 9, 1974, via YouTube. Simply enter "Robert Welch." Welch (1899-1985) was founder and past president of The John Birch Society.

Bill of Rights Day is approaching on Dec. 15. JPFO Inc. ( has posted an educational article on this, well worth the read, and other material, including pro-gun/pro-Second Amendment research.

The establishment news media, government, certain schools, colleges and universities, academia, left-leaning tax-exempt foundations and others no doubt don't want the American public informed about this. Is this perhaps the reason The John Birch Society has gotten an undeserved bad rap these last 50 years because the powers to be don't want an informed, activist citizenry?

James A. Farmer of Ashland is chairman of the Constitution Party for Jackson County.

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