Captain Kirk's birthplace

Riverside, Iowa is a small farming community but it grows tall corn and big ideas. There are only 928 of these practical Hawkeye farmers but they know a good idea when they see one. Since 1985, Riverside has labeled itself "Riverside: Where the best begins. The future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk."

Iowa, and the rest of the world, has fallen in love with the TV and movies series "Star Trek." A canny local resident heard that Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek creator, had written that Captain Kirk was born in a small farming hamlet in Iowa. Riverside fit the description like a glove. Why not stake your claim before some other village thought of it? The City Council contacted Roddenberry and got his permission to use their fair city as Kirk's birthplace. The proclamation designating Riverside as his hometown, signed by Roddenberry, is housed in the Community Club. A large stone with a bronze plaque was placed at the site of the farmstead where the future intergalactic explorer will be born.

The thrifty Riversiders capitalize on their future home town hero by organizing an annual Trek Fest which attracts thousands of tourists. Some Trekkies come from as far away as Finland. Profits support local charities, scholarships and the Boy and Girl Scouts. Captain Kirk ... I mean William Shatner ... visited his future birthplace in 2005.

Visitors are given this printed biography of the future space icon.

James Tiberius Kirk was born on March 22, 2233 in Riverside, Iowa on Planet Earth. At age 13, Kirk was one of nine survivors in the massacre of some 4,000 colonists on Planet Tarsus IV. He had an older brother, George Samuel Kirk. James lost his brother and sister-in-law, Aurelan, on Planet Deneva due to the invasion of Denevan neural parasites in 2267. However, his nephew Peter survived. Sam had two other sons who were not on Deneva at the time.

While still attending the Starfleet Academy, Kirk served as an Ensign aboard the USS "Republic." One of Kirk's heros at the Academy was the legendary Garth of Izar. Years later, Kirk helped save his hero when Garth was judged to be criminally insane and was being treated at the Elba II penal colony. (Another of Kirk's heros was Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.) After graduating from Starfleet Academy, Lt. Kirk was posted to the USS "Farragut."

Captain James T. Kirk is best known for his historic five year mission of exploration, 2264-2269, as Commander of the starship "Enterprise." Because of his intense passion for his career, Kirk had difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship with any woman. Nevertheless, he was involved with Dr. Carol Marcus a few years before he took command of the "Enterprise." They had one child, David Marcus, but Kirk was not present during his upbringing. Kirk had no contact with David or Carol until 2285, long after his five year voyage, when he rescued them from one of his old foes: Khan Noonian Singh. The developing father-son relationship was cut tragically short when David was killed by a Klingon officer during a rescue attempt to save Kirk's longtime friend and shipmate, the long-eared Vulcan, Mr. Spock.

Riverside's annual Star Trek Festival is coordinated and planned by the Riverside Area Community Club. Being logical folks, the RACC holds most of its meeting at Murphy's Bar and Grill.

And now, in obedience to the Prime Directive, I have one final duty . I must thank President Dennis Arps and the RACC for providing this information. My work here is done. Live long and prosper. Beam me up, Scotty.

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