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The late singer/songwriter Utah Phillips called Chris Chandler "the best performance poet I have ever seen."

Poet and storyteller Chandler will appear with special guest blues guitarist Paul Benoit at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 4, at Bohemia Gallery Framing, 222 A St., Ashland.The gallery is calling the event a multimedia collage that features theatre, poetry, video, piano and guitar, ripped from the pages of history books and tomorrow's newspaper.

Chandler's appearance at Bohemia is part of his "General Election Tour" and offers insightful tales of a world gone slightly mad, accompanied by a wide variety of musical styles.

Chandler's performances have been described as being as hilarious and entertaining as they are provocative and rabble-rousing.

Chandler was born in Georgia, the son of a Baptist minister and delivers his vignettes about politics and modern culture with the same kind of fire. He is described in a press release as taking the pulse of America, and then with equal parts acidic irony and utopian idealism, casting his prognosis to audiences at the rate of up to 250 shows per year.

Part preacher, poet, huckster, wandering minstrel and medicine show sideman, Chandler has recorded collaborations with Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary, The Austin Lounge Lizards, Dar Williams and many others. He has performed on thousands of stages across North America working with Alan Ginsberg and Ani Difranco, Pete Seeger and Mojo Nixon.

Chandler has spent the past 20 years on the road, living exclusively out of his car. Starting as a street musician, he is now a tireless activist performing at demonstrations across the U.S. and Canada, from the G-8 summit to anti-war demonstrations to countless labor picket lines and union halls.

Peter Yarrow said, "The spirit of Woody Guthrie lives in the heart of Chris Chandler."

Chandler's new album "Fifty From Twenty" is a box set featuring 50 songs from his 20 years on the road.

Tickets are $15.

Call 488-5227.

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