Community comes together to fund AHS Health Center

The Ashland High School Health Center recently received a total of $69,520 in grants, funding the center for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years.

Funding for the AHS Health Center comes mostly from the Oregon Health Division and the Ashland School District, but those two sources do not supply all the financing needed to run the Health Center. Approximately 25 percent of the budget needs to be made up each year from grants or other resources.

The Howard Family Foundation in 2009 offered a matching grant of $25,000 to be paid if other donations and grants came through from the community.

By November 2009, $34,520 had come in from the community.

Grants and donations came from many sources. Individuals made donations, including money from the Williams, De Boer, Oddo, Moen and Copeland families.

Other funding came in from Soroptomists International of Ashland, Ashland Rotary Community Support Foundation, Ashland Lions Club, Walker Foundation, West Family Foundation, Chaney Family Foundation, Evans Family Foundation and Oregon School Based Health Care Network.

After the Howard Family Foundation made an additional grant of $10,000, the total came to $69,520.

A portion of the money will be kept in reserve to finance grant writing and fund raising efforts.

The Health Center provides primary, preventive, and emergency care to the students.

This may range from being a first responder in an emergency to counseling students on healthy lifestyles. Most services are provided confidentially and free of charge.

The Health Center also works with the Ashland High School staff on health promotion and on interventions for struggling students.

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