Council to consider AFN rate changes

The Ashland City Council will consider proposed Ashland Fiber Network rate and service changes, and hear a progress report on the city-owned telecommunications service.

About 90 percent of AFN customers buy Gold level high-speed Internet service, which the city retails through high-tech businesses for an average price of $38.97 per month. Download speeds are up to five megabits per second, according to AFN.

If the City Council approves the proposed changes, the Gold level will disappear. Customers can choose Choice level for an estimated $35 per month, and keep download speeds of up to five Mbps. Or, they can double their speed with Preferred level service for an estimated $45 per month.

The actual retail rates may vary because retailers are not bound to the prices, according to an AFN staff memo to councilors. AFN will offer 11 different Internet service levels, including a $9 per month Community Access level which will provide basic e-mail service and slow Internet speeds.

The $55 per month Family Entertainment level will have speeds of up to 15 Mbps for people who like to watch television and movies via the Internet.

People who want speeds of up to 20 Mbps in order to play online video games can get the Gamers service for a proposed $65 monthly charge.

AFN's previous system of naming service levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum didn't help customers understand which service levels to pick to fit their needs.

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Also Tuesday night, City Councilors will hear a progress report on changes that new Information Technology Director Rob Lloyd has made to AFN since he was hired in January.

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