Democrats: Cheney's closest chums

When Dennis Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney, he likely never imagined the champion defenders of the vice president would be the most powerful Democratic voices in Washington.

The irony of the current situation cannot be overstated, given the fact that Cheney’s principal defenders — the same individuals who could open the doors to impeachment — are of minority classes, who fought tooth and nail to overcome the very power wielded today by Democrats to squash the voice of the grassroots.

Despite the fact that a majority of Americans are against the war in Iraq, firmly believe the public was deceived into supporting a 2003 invasion, and have relentlessly called for an immediate extraction of our troops from the Middle East, Congress has ignored the will of the people. And by Congress, I am referring to the overwhelming majority of representatives in both houses who have failed to put their power where their mouths are and exercise the authority inherent in both congressional bodies to call an end to the war and recall our military immediately. Instead, Congress trembles when the president speaks and reluctantly obeys his every command, especially when it comes to the dire life and death political games being played in the Middle East.

Kucinich is one of very few leaders who have taken steps toward removing the troops from Iraq. His strategy is to first remove the leaders who lied in order to send young men and women to kill and be killed in the name of ulterior motives — the executives George Bush and Dick Cheney. Kucinich’s bill, H. Res. 333 targets Vice President Dick Cheney specifically. The charges contained within the bill itself offer a number of quotes from the vice president, enabling Cheney to hang himself with his own words.

14 additional members of congress signed the bill calling for impeachment of the vice president.

H. Res. 333, which is in lockdown in the House Judiciary Committee — where articles of impeachment must be initiated — was dead on arrival. The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, told reporters at the time the bill was introduced that it would never see the light of day. That prediction wasn’t prophecy. It was simply a statement of fact, knowing her own power and abilities as Speaker to usher it to the floor of the House for a vote or bury it in an avalanche of minutia and excuses. She chose the latter. Just last year Pelosi stated unequivocally that .”

That’s quite a mouthful from an individual who has railed against the establishment of power that, in the past, kept women from the table she now controls.

Joining the Speaker of the House in killing the attack on Cheney is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers. Conyers, who has seen his share of battles to advance democracy, is now ironically in charge of putting a stop to it. This is the same man who has heavily criticized the executive leadership for misleading the public.

And in yet another ironic twist of fate Conyers finds himself the champion defender of Dick Cheney and George Bush when he was once a in the call for impeachment. This is the same Conyers who drafted a bill entitled .”

Today, Conyers sits upon a hill near a White House he is committed to serving. He seems to have forgotten it is the people who elected him to office that he should be serving — the families whose sons and daughters are being sacrificed by the leaders he protects. What ever happened to that champion of civil rights, fair play and open doors of democracy?

Pelosi and Conyers are a formidable team. Together they have taken on 15 other members of the House and won easily. Kucinich didn’t introduce his bill in a vacuum of support. His bill received the signatures of many brave leaders representing millions of Americans. Yet, despite the pretense of democracy, in America 15 can’t beat 2, if the two are well-positioned.

In the Senate, no one has heard of impeachment. No one knows what it means. No one understands what a leader has to do in order to be impeached — and no one is willing to discuss impeachment at all. In short, the 100 members of the Senate have circled the wagons and feigned ignorance.

Although the war in Iraq is the No. — issue for most Americans, the Democratic presidential candidates, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are not bombarded with questions pertaining to their reluctance to remove the U.S. military from Iraq or remove its leaders from executive office. In every city, Obama and Clinton offer their spiel that caters to the variety of constituencies. Yet, somehow they escape the spotlight that remains fixed on the issue of impeachment and bringing home the troops.

The Senate seems to be filled with performing artists who play tunes favorable to, or critical of the administration. But when the performance is over and the public spotlights grow dim, they all go about their business — as actors are prone to do — until the stage lights heat up and they hear the curtain call yet again ushering in another dutiful presentation, much to the delight of donors and constituents.

No one in the Senate has the intestinal fortitude to give voice to the horrific tragedy unfolding daily in the Middle East. With each day that passes more young men and women — who serve this country with courage and trust — will have their greatest fears realized. Many will be injured, some will be killed, all will suffer irreparable harm. Untold numbers of Iraqis have been negatively impacted due to the presence of the U.S. military and many more will suffer horrific consequences that will never be publicized.

There is no justification for Congress to continue such immoral acts of sacrifice. There are only excuses offered by politicians who seek to mitigate the political liability for which the entire congress is responsible.

Where is there hope throughout the American landscape? The GOP leaders in Congress are beholden to party politics and allegiance to the executive branch. Both Democratic presidential hopefuls have failed to show leadership that reflects the will of the American people. Both candidates have the power, inherent in their positions as senators, to lead the charge and join with Kucinich and others in the House who have the courage of their convictions.

America doesn’t have to wait until someone else becomes president. That façade ought to be torn down. We ought not ask what the candidates will do as president to bring our military home. Rather, we should ask what are they doing right now to end the war and remove the troops from the Middle East or remove the leaders from the executive office today.

If that question is asked — over and over again repeatedly in every city where Obama, Clinton and the rest of the troupe in the traveling road show appear — we can quickly narrow the ever-widening field of candidates to just two. Dennis Kucinich would be the Democratic nominee and Ron Paul would easily emerge as the Republican nominee.

Unfortunately, neither of these leaders have succeeded in garnering the support of the money pots behind the scenes who elevate candidates to national prominence. Neither have they succeeded in attracting the support of their congressional colleagues in an effort to uncover the truth about the lies stemming from 9/11, the deception that led congress to authorize Operation Iraqi Freedom and the real reasons why powerful voices in Washington are pushing hard to keep the Bush-Cheney regime in office.

Despite the fact that neither Kucinich nor Paul represent a minority demographic, it seems readily apparent that the two most powerful women and two most powerful black men in congress aren’t fit to represent the American people in the most powerful seat in the world. Perhaps America is ready for a black man or a woman in the Oval Office. But if it means putting a weak black man or a weak woman there — leaders who have failed to demonstrate courage of conviction and honorable allegiance to protecting our military — then I would prefer to dispense with the demographic drama and support the would-be commander-in-chief who’s first priority is to remove our military men and women from beneath a mountain of deception and bring them home where they belong.


is the author of, "The WHOLE Truth about the U.S. War on Terror: answers to every question you never knew to ask"

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