Drop double standard for beer and marijuana

Drop double standard for beer and marijuana

Your story about Acacia Baldner's first professional batch of beer was a treat. Standing Stone should also be congratulated on giving Ms. Baldner the opportunity to demonstrate her talent.

However, I couldn't help feeling aghast that we glorify the brewing of beer, an alcoholic beverage, and demonize the growing of marijuana, an herbal plant. We write heartwarming front-page stories about young women brewing beer, a very popular, intoxicating drink. Stories about young people growing marijuana also make the front page, but are not so upbeat. No, we throw young people that grow marijuana in jail.

According to our government's own NIDA report, marijuana has the lowest addiction potential of any legal or illegal drug and is half as intoxicating as alcohol. Let's drop the double standard and allow our young entrepreneurs to pursue their interests — whether it be brewing beer or cultivating cannabis.

Claudia Little


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