Employee celebrated at Pro Tool

Phillip Wescott celebrated his 25th anniversary at Professional Tool located in Ashland.

Wescott is a unique employee as he was born with Downs Syndrome. He started working at Darex at age 20 through a program at the Ashland High School.

"A young woman who was on contract approached me with the idea of helping special needs kids and the way the program worked was she came in and learned the jobs and then stayed and worked with Wescott," said Dave Bernard, owner of Pofessional Tool. "The two of them worked here a few hours a day, a couple days a week for most of a school year."

Bernard said when Wescott turned 21 he was not eligible to remain in high school, and the unknown woman's contract was up.

"Phillip was such a joy to have around that we just hired him directly ... and the rest is history," said Bernard.

Judy Wescott , Phil's sister, said that working at Professional Tools has been good. Wescott loves the people and the job has kept him 'sharp.'

Wescott assembles parts bags, chucks for the Drill Doctor brand and helps out on the Darex brand of sharpeners with wiring.

The company held a party with guests including,employees, family, friends and Wescott's high school teacher. He was given a hand held DVD player as a gift presented by Professional Tool.

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