Girl videoed in Goodwill dressing room

An unidentified man videotaped a 10-year-old Ashland girl as she tried on clothing in a dressing room at Goodwill on Tolman Creek Road Saturday, police said.

The girl told police she was trying on clothing at 2:45 p.m. when she saw "an arm appear under the door" of the dressing room at the used clothing store, said Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness.

"He had a green digital camera in his hand, and the red light was illuminated, indicating that he was recording video," Holderness said Monday.

The girl saw only the man's arm and no one else saw the suspect, he said. The girl told police the suspect was white and was wearing a black sweatshirt.

After noticing the camera, the girl left the dressing room and told her mother, who was in the store, Holderness said.

"When they came back there, there was nobody there," he said.

They reported the incident to police about 15 minutes later, according to the police log.

Officers searched the immediate area for the suspect, but were unable to locate him, Holderness said.

"There were some people that were seen around (the store) that might or might not have matched the description," he said. "At this point it doesn't look like we have a lot to go on."

The suspect could be cited for invasion of personal privacy, a Class A misdemeanor, Holderness said.

Police have received no previous reports involving illicit videotaping at Goodwill, he said.

"I'm not aware of it happening before here, but it's a pretty common thing around the country right now, because everyone carries cameras," he said.

Oftentimes illegal videotaping goes unreported, Holderness said.

"It obviously concerns us," he said. "It's not the kind of crime we're seeing a lot of, but most of the time this kind of thing would go unreported because the victim would be unaware of it."

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Ashland Police Department at 541-482-5211.

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