Good morning!

Thank you. Thank you for bearing me: For carrying and ferrying me; for setting my compass; for putting up with me; for giving birth to me; for wearing my identity; and for baring me, stripping off my facade.

Now and then, everyone is struck by lightning and experiences the divine reality which is our hidden self. Haven't you seen miracles taking place? Coincidences that we know happen purposefully; everything falling into place effortlessly; crucial events that occur impossibly? Momentarily we acknowledge a vast other realm, then slip back into our usual routines, without saying thank you; forgetting again.

This universe is spiritual and divinely ordered. We need breath, gravity, the sun, all sorts of giving that is faithfulness, not a matter of course. The giving source exceeds our unbelief. We see miracles arise even when we've written things off.

Persuaded that the world is material, we're always skating on thin ice. Everything's problematic. Jobs or food supply could vanish; relations could splinter; we could face a disease or accidents, unjust imprisonment, insanity or death. Or these could hit our loved ones. Or World War III.

In confusion, we grope about for complete forgiveness and loyalty, gentleness and fortitude, or clarity of understanding. Then we step onto the spiritual level and we begin to be mended, our wholeness is unveiled. For the basic goal of this struggling world is to help us learn to center ourselves once more and abide in spiritual awareness, letting the one life pour out as us all.

We are like the caliph in the story of Aladdin and his lamp, whose wealth was inadequate to fashion the one bejeweled, brocaded window, which was purposefully left half-done in the palace the genie created. We can't handle one problem, whether of supply, health, or psychology. Yet instead of feeling awe at the perfection of our palace, we're consumed by anxiety, pain and anger over that unfinished window.

"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." We build beautiful homes, but always are overshadowed by the doubt, apprehension and dread brought by a material sense of life. We fear it's all a tissue of lies that could evaporate in our hands, until we feel the very presence of God appearing as everyone and as everything. This is peace that passeth understanding. Now is the house built, the past all redeemed and realized, like electricity running instantly down a line from the beginning, and now happily we sit together in the kitchen warm and light.

We become who we are when we devote ourselves in every way we can, with our attention, our intention, our time, our resources, tapping into our sources. Lifting our awareness to the spiritual level becomes priority A to Z. When we commit to finding our path, the course of a life is just enough time to fulfill our mission. In taking such a route, we need no special ability or willpower; and faults don't impede us, they covertly impel us. Every ant, every pebble is born to be itself.

Ready or not, we keep doing the work, staying available to admitting truth, unseasonably sensing our oneness. We keep refueling at the spring, with our times of jubilance and anticipation the already fruitage of an inner flow.

At the point where we are lifted up, criticism and self-criticism lose their power and we join each encounter with joyous expectation. We unite with our being that is now. We discover that we are immortal, eternal, and can never be marred. The hidden reality is that nothing can harm us or damage us, we can only help each other grow and flower. With all our effort, it's still so obvious that we don't provide for ourself. Now we can see how life operates so beneficently and how it is filled with miracles.

Peace, love and joy.

This is excerpted from the book "Really Being With You," available at the library and bookstores. See more at

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