Good times at haunted Bellview Elementary School

Screams of jovial terror filled Bellview Elementary School on Saturday as the school's Parent-Teacher Organization hosted the 67th annual Bellview Halloween Carnival.

Hundreds of costumed children and adults filled the school's halls for the festivities. Revelers young and old enjoyed such cursed culinary creations as haunted hotdogs, possessed popcorn and crazed cotton candy. The cafeteria and gym were transformed into festival grounds where tickets could be converted into various novelty prizes and candies through the playing of classic games like ski-ball, milk bottle toss and throwing Ping Pong balls into goldfish bowls.

The most popular attraction, the haunted house, featured the frightening fiend &

and teacher &

Max Schmeling, an evil doctor who brandished a hacksaw and waved disembodied limbs at the sugar-fueled children. The haunted house also contained a reproduction of an Egyptian tomb, a scary scarecrow and various animatronic ghouls, ghosts and body parts.

"My favorite part was the graveyard and the dead brides in the haunted house," said Mirabella Mannray, a first-grader at Bellview who appeared to be dressed as a character from "Grease."

Mirabella's mother's favorite part was sharing the experience with her daughter.

"It was a sentimental event for me because I went to the carnival for years as a child," said Amanda Ray who attended Bellview from 1977 to 1985. "It's really fun for me to be able to bring my own child and watch her enjoy it. It's so nostalgic because many of the signs and games in the booths haven't changed at all."

Adding to the sentiment was the fact that this will be the last time that the carnival will be held in the old Bellview building. The school is scheduled to be rebuilt next year. A room was decorated in honor of the old building, titled "the ghosts of Bellview," displaying photographs and memorabilia from Bellview's 100-year history.

All of the money collected for food and games is used to fund future school sponsored events including the next carnival, which will be delayed a year due to construction.

The booths this year were sponsored by local businesses and the proceeds from that will go to Bellview's technology fund which has been used to purchase computers in the past. If their goal of $1,500 is met this year, the money will be used to buy a kiln for the new school.

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