History is replete with conspiracies

Anyone who thinks that invoking "conspiracies" is necessarily delusional does not know much history. Humans have been conspiring since they first climbed down from the trees to gang up on animal and human prey.

In recent times, the assassination of Abe Lincoln was not the act of the solitary madman, J.W. Booth, but rather the result of a carefully planned conspiracy by a group of disaffected southerners. Similarly, the assassination of JFK was not the act of the solitary madman, L.H. Oswald, but also the result of a conspiracy and elaborate cover-up. Unfortunately, by the time an inept Congress finally concluded this, 15 years had passed and the trail had run cold.

Most telling for our current situation, Adolf Hitler quite accurately gauged the threat of the communist conspiracy of his day. He greatly inflated this however, and then staged the Reichstag fire of Feb. 27, 1933 and blamed it on the communists. This clever ploy insured the ascendance of the NAZI party, a far greater conspiracy.

The neocon conspiracy currently running the U.S. government, bears much in common with the NAZIs, including the goal of a world empire and initiating a false flag operation in order to ensure adequate power to pursue this goal. There is no question that the government was at least complicit in the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001.

Unfortunately for them [leaders in our government], the information age has made it impossible to conceal their long-articulated goals and details of their operation — including the numerous war crimes in Iraq, and that the invasion was illegally launched in the first place.

This much is quite beyond theory: The government account of the 9/11 attacks is pure chicanery and cannot withstand the most casual scrutiny of physical scientists. I know of no physical scientist — not governmentally employed — who is in the least deceived. It has nonetheless taken an inordinate amount of time for this opposition to get organized. Physical scientists are as subject to denial as the rest of the population. One may now visit the Web site, Physics 911.com, sponsored by the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine Eleven (SPINE), for an exhaustive discussion of what is and is not possible in the government scenario. See also the peer-reviewed online Journal of 9/11 Studies.

There is nothing we can do to bring back the 3,000 people murdered on Sept. 11, 2001. But at least we can honor them by insisting on justice.

Dr. Aaron Corbet

SPINE member


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