In appreciation of our valley's diversity

To demonstrate that humor about our human condition, gratitude for what we have, and care for those we love always trump partisan politics, petty propaganda, and profligate profiteering, I offer the following. It is sent in appreciation of the diverse peoples, cultures, places and history in our Big Valley, and to hope that we all find a way to reaffirm Tolerance in these challenging times for America. As Ben Franklin reminds us, "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

Thus, this:

Like a Phoenix rising and to honor the Valley's original inhabitants, you must first make your pilgrimage to the sacred Table Rocks, then you shall make use of your Talent to follow your own Trail to seek your Central Point, your Eagle Point.

Use a $20 bill in historic Jacksonville to buy a special antique. Continue on to find refuge in the Shady Cove of the White City, where you will hear the guidance of the mystic murmurings of the GreenSprings of the Cascades.

Ashland, the Land of Ashes, will Play on your senses, beckoning you, but, no!, it is not your Thyme, so you must Prospect on — don't Ruch! — relax like a Rogue by a River, then you will discover and open your inner AppleGate. Don't lose your way at Lost Creek, don't gaze too deeply into the Lake of Crater where the Wizard rules the Isle, don't spin into the Pit by lookin' too long at Mt. Pitt, and, please, don't fall off Butte Falls! You must keep your

Eyes on the Prize!

Like a Samaritan, do a good deed in Sam's Valley. Then, with dutiful Devotion and Good Luck, cross the MedFord and steadily make your way through aromatic Fruitdale, arrive at your serene Wolf Creek cabin, lower the Murphy bed out of the wall and slowly drift off after a good day and a long, soulful journey, grateful for our bountiful life in the Valley of the Rogues and still dreaming of that sweet Gold Hill to come."

Bryan Holley


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