Influence of councilors sure to continue

With a chance to help curb the problem of councilors exhibiting undue influence, Mayor John Morrison wavered, offering a tie-breaking vote for watered-down wording that guarantees business as usual for the Ashland City Council.

Morrison's refusal to take a strong stand is nothing new. But Morrison's own statements during an interview last month suggested that he believed change was needed.

At that time he said he has been at odds with Councilor Cate Hartzell for years over her "level of interaction" with city staff.

"We've had a number of conversations over this," Morrison said, "and invariably Cate's answer is always: she has a responsibility to the city to look into something."

For more than a year the council has attempted to draft rules to rein itself in. The tiresome process has dragged on over this central issue of influence.

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How very disappointing Mayor Morrison. You know you have a couple of bullying narcissistic councilors, and you were the vote that could have fixed it. Good luck trying to hire a deptartment head now. Look all of the city staff in the eyes now. You had the knowledge of need and the opportunity to protect them from Hartzell-Navickas and you let them down. In two years, Stromberg and Dimtitre are councilors and will push the Swales/Bullock agenda on staff. All staff will suffer.

John Q .Public

I have said it before and I will reiterate it here: This would not happen on Brian Almquist's watch. Mayor, back your administrator and insist that she protect her department heads from the meddling inference of Hartzell and others. Ms. Bennett, you should tell your staff that when a council contacts them directly the chain of command flows through your office first and support any department head who refers private councilor correspondence to you for direction before responding.


Oh my God, our council might want influence!



I'll believe it when I see one or more of: A recall (bonus points for competing petitions), a good old-fashioned sit-in (national media optional), at least 20% of the town seceding from the rest.

Until then it's just the usual whining.

Ashland ... the town you love to hate.

Richard Cranium


Cranium is right on for a change. Hartzell will win by about 60 percent again despite the slanderous attacks by this petty little paper; Morris wasn't a weak candidate.

The fringe five wingnuts who chime in on this blog have little to do with the opinion of Ashland voters. This isn't really read by many. How many are the same losers waiting for a response to their comments?

Hartzell, Navickas, and Hardesty get my vote next time, too. They're doing a great job!

The Majority


I'd put everything I own on Hartzell. Medford Cops don't win in Ashland. The comments on this site are a joke. If one were to gauge Ashland by these comments, the library levy and the school levy would have failed by a landslide and Navickas wouldn't be in office right now.

Face it losers, you're living in Ashland.



If Jesus was here today, he would be Eric. He wouldn't get elected but he would get dumped on all the time, just like Eric. Eric does good and people hate him. God loves his Son because Eric gets mad at God's enemies at great sacrifice to his self-esteem. I love Eric, too, but don't know his preferences or situation. Besides, he's beyond my league. People should lay off and thank Jesus that Ashland has him. He even looks like our Lord except I wish he would stay clothed and not swear.

Mary With Long Hair

The Green Show

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