Investigate 9/11: Demand truth not conspiracy

Questions surrounding the events of September 11, 2001 have persisted since that fateful day when three World Trade Center towers fell into their own footprints.

Additionally, the inquiries pertaining to missing passenger airliners at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania sites have never been addressed by Congress, the White House or the national mainstream media. The officially sanctioned 9/11 Commission &

led by appointees of the White House &

was a hoax, leaving families of 9/11 victims with many questions that have yet be addressed. Even that poor excuse for an investigative commission was convened only through the stalwart efforts of four grieving widows from New Jersey who worked tirelessly for nearly two years to overcome the stonewall set before them by a callous and indifferent leadership.

That's four widows. Not four television news editors, not four investigative journalists, nor even four members of Congress. Just four ladies to whom this nation owes a debt it can never repay.

Lackluster leaders

The leadership that sold the American public the notion that 19 Muslim devotees of Osama bin Laden's group al-Qaeda had hijacked four passenger airliners with boxcutters as weapons and flown two of the planes into the towers in New York, one into the Pentagon, and crashed yet another into a field in Pennsylvania not only consisted of the White House and Congress, but also the great majority of decision makers in the national media who elected to dismiss every suspicion of the U.S. government's official conspiracy theory.

On September 12, 2001, when newspapers featured front pages depicting the tragedy of collapsing towers, the headlines above and below the fold featured the name of the presumed culprit, Osama bin Laden. FOX News had broadcast information targeting bin Laden within 33 minutes of the towers being hit. No one questioned the government's spoon-fed data. Even the mayors of New York and Washington D.C. failed to call for an independent investigation of the scenes of crimes. Now, Rudy Guiliani wants to be our president. In the end, the federal government, with the assistance of the mayors of D.C. and New York, cleansed each scene, confiscated as much of the evidence of each event possible and erected a wall of lies, distortions, disinformation and propaganda between the public and the truth.

In short, the most infamous orchestrated mass murder in the history of this nation, containing all the hallmarks of an inside job, has never been fully investigated by any independent authority with unfettered access to information and evidence.

Grassroots grumbling

What has occurred over the past five years is both astounding and revealing of a significant erosion and deterioration of the power of the citizenry to effectively influence our government.

The debate over the events of 9/11 reveals four sides: those who subscribe to the government's official conspiracy theory of what occurred, those who challenge the government's official theory, those who launch epithets at the challengers of the government's conspiracy theory, and finally those who choose apathy over any action at all. Yet, despite the enormous amount of disinformation mixed into the debate as a means of undermining the revelations of uncovered facts regarding the events of 9/11 by thousands of amateur sleuths across the country, the grassroots movement seeking answers has grown in leaps and bounds. The call for an independent investigation into 9/11 has never been stronger than it is today &

and tomorrow it will attract even more truth seekers. Still, the leadership in Congress and the editorial boards of major news media outlets have given little credence to a massive outcry from the American people.

Detractors will offer disinformation in order to deride legitimate scientists, teachers, structural engineers, military experts, demolition experts, firefighters, metallurgists, ex-CIA agents, former government leaders, and the list goes on. Peer-reviewed publications such as "Journal of 9/11 Studies," and groups like "9/" have emerged to provide more than a reasonable doubt of the government's conspiratorial version of 9/11.

But it doesn't take a detective or even a scientist to know that something is dreadfully wrong with the story our government told us.

Ridiculous rhetoric

Just ask the president what happened and he will tell you, as he told a group of students three months after 9/11. Bush said he was waiting to enter a classroom to read to students when he saw the first plane hit the tower on a television, which was apparently available nearby. He said he thought that it must have been a "terrible pilot." But he was "whisked away before I had time to think about it."

Even an amateur attorney would think to follow that statement with this question. "But Mr. President, how could such a scenario have taken place when, A) the video of the first plane hitting the first tower wasn't available until the following day and had not been shown by any media when you claim to have seen it, and B) why would the Secret Service whisk you into a classroom after having knowledge of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center?"

The explanations regarding NORAD, which apparently didn't respond to intercept the hijacked planes due to orders to stand down, contradict the FAA's version of events. And there's still the problem of that missing plane that Donald Rumsfeld said was "shot down" over Pennsylvania. Yet, the coroner claims he hasn't seen one drop of blood, and the onsite investigators testified there was no evidence of a plane crash.

Contradicting conspiracies

The government's conspiracy theory is filled with holes &

too numerous to encapsulate in a single article. But here are just a few:

The government claims the huge plane that supposedly rammed into the Pentagon leaving a missile-sized hole through several layers of steel-reinforced concrete actually completely disintegrated, leaving only tiny fragments, most of which could be picked up by hand on an undamaged pristine lawn.

The passport of a hijacker found at the World Trade Center site was a miraculous find, given that the plane exploded upon impact and both towers collapsed into dust following multiple explosions that sent voluminous plumes out over the Hudson River, according to witnesses at the scene. Yet, while the government claims the steel beams melted and collapsed, a paper passport from a man onboard the plane survived.

And of course, the conflicting explanations between NORAD, the FAA, the Pentagon, the Air Force and the 9/11 Commission. Hmmm which one of these entities is telling the truth? Can they all be right even while contradicting one another?

Also, the Pentagon was hit more than an hour after the attacks on the towers in New York. Wouldn't two planes hitting the World Trade Center towers raise at least one eyebrow at the Pentagon, since at least four planes were supposedly off course (FBI claimed as many as six were hijacked)? The world's best military minds had at least an hour to think about it.

Investigate the lie

The bottom line is that the government is lying. Even if we accept its ridiculous version of events, the federal government is caught in its own deception by its own contradictions. And then there are all those laws of physics that hamper the stories of three collapsing steel-framed buildings due to fire, a fully-loaded passenger plane disappearing into a missile-sized hole after making an impossible trajectory, and the infamous crash-and-disappear feat achieved by yet another fully-loaded passenger airliner.

And then there's the mysterious events at the Cleveland Hopkins airport in Ohio that same day, when the entire airport was evacuated of all passengers and most of its employees while two mysterious planes landed and unloaded &

one from Delta airlines and the other unidentified. Passengers were taken into custody by the FBI and detained in FAA headquarters while another planeload of passengers were taken into an evacuated building owned by NASA. The mayor spills to the press that one of the planes is UA 93. He subsequently changes his information at a later time. Since that day the conflicting scenarios given by government officials has yet to be explained. And despite press reports from several media sources in the area offering conflicting times and passenger counts, the mystery has yet to be cleared up. This actual documented event wasn't imagined by "conspiracy theorists." It was covered by the media, which failed to conduct a thorough investigation of the mystery.

Isn't it time for the truth? Isn't it time for every civic organization, church, business and political group to join voices in calling for Congress to begin to represent the people and convene an immediate open and public investigation of 9/11? Such an historic event ought to be continuously televised by CSPAN and any other media that takes an interest.

Americans are calling for members of Congress to act. Can any of you hear us?

Recommended viewing

The stories surrounding 9/11 seem to most a bit far-fetched, regardless of whether the information comes from government or independent sources. The Internet is awash with so much disinformation that real facts are difficult to ascertain through the tidal wave of wacky and outrageous conclusions.

The goal of some, however, is not to lead anyone to any particular conclusion, but rather to investigate the government's claims. The claims of the White House in all phases of independent inquiries cannot stand up to scrutiny. Yet, the White House has built upon the foundation of 9/11 a tower of fear with a beacon of ever-expanding power in the executive branch of government. Beginning with the USA Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the executive branch has continued an incremental encroachment upon the freedoms of the American people using taxpayer funds without accountability to the people. And of course, both invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are predicated upon 9/11.

Despite the call of the American people to immediately withdraw our troops from the Middle East, the president has decided the fear of another 9/11 is too great a risk. But could such an assessment be deemed credible and legitimate if 9/11 truly was revealed to be a false flag event coordinated by our own government?

Only an independent investigation will expose the corruption that underscores the willful sacrifice of American military service members' lives and those they are sent to kill. Such investigations have already been conducted by amateurs who have revealed extremely disturbing information about our government without the proper funding and authority necessary for a thorough probe. If nothing else, the videos produced have opened the eyes of the public to one unavoidable inescapable conclusion &

our government is caught in a web of lies, and the national media along with most every member of Congress has willfully ignored that fact.

Consider these videos from among numerous films pertaining to 9/11: Loose Change (2nd Edition, recut, 1:29 mins; available on the Internet), Loose Change 3rd Edition (available in theaters this summer); 9/11 Mysteries (Removed by Google, see full 2 hr. movie at ), 9/11 aircraft oddities examined (17 mins; available online), and Brasscheck TV has a new online video titled "September Clues" that provides numerous questions you won't see or hear most anywhere else ().

In the end, the only thing that stands between the vestiges of freedom we have left to question our government and potentially losing such freedom altogether is simply that we exercise the power and right vested in our citizenship.

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