It's the war, stupid

"War is the unfolding of miscalculations."

"" Barbara Tuchman

Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. America. In case you were wondering what ever happened to the "War on Terror" (WOT), I'm here to report that it has been resurrected just in time for &

you guessed it &

the 2008 Presidential Election!

You remember the WOT. It's that pesky battle between good and evil created by Bush/Cheney Co. in an effort to inject fear into the hearts and minds of the average American. And lest we forget, fellow citizens, this war is different than all others. It has no end.

During the election of 2004, Bush/Cheney lobbed code-orange terror alerts with strategic precision. I recall one such incident occurring on the eve of the nomination of John Kerry. It became such a gosh-darned coincidence how, whenever they needed to divert the voters' attention from the real issues &

like the bad news coming out of Iraq, &

the terror dial was cranked up from yellow to orange. The Prez and Veep were on a mission to "remind" us about which party and candidate held a monopoly on protecting our asses from evil, and which party most assuredly did not. George W. Bush won re-election &

Mission Accomplished!

During the current election cycle, Rudy Giuliani kept terror alive by referencing 9/11 at least twice in each sentence he uttered. But now John McCain is the presumptive nominee, and Rudy has become a distant memory. The Republicans' fortunes have greatly waned under the unpopular Bush/Cheney regime. There's a better than average chance that they are about to lose control of the reigns of power.

Suddenly &

surprise! Nearly seven years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, six Guantanamo detainees have been charged with "terrorism, murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, and conspiracy." If these alleged evil-doers are convicted, the government has asked for the death penalty. With a little luck, a show trial could pre-empt the 2008 elections and provide Mr. McCain with countless opportunities to scream "terrorist" in a crowded room.

Meanwhile, the war in Iraq, another by-product of the WOT, rages on. It flabbergasts me the way it is being played in the media. I hear and read the words lifted directly from the White House and Pentagon press releases: "The surge is working," and I am sickened. Last night on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer there was a discussion regarding the presidential campaign and, specifically, about McCain's prospects of winning over either of the two Democratic choices. One guest said: "A lot of it depends on how the war in Iraq is going."

Come again? This war is a bloody disaster by anybody's account. Suicide bombings, rocket-propelled grenades, lack of electricity, refugee camps along the borders, house to house raids and searches, dead bodies on all sides &

the list is a mile long. But somehow, the powers-that-be and their friends in the mainstream media have managed to convince the public that things are improving (or might vastly improve in the near future) in that ravaged country. Why gosh and golly! We could see democracy flourish in Iraq if we would just pipe down and wait patiently &

say, for 100 years.

If we believe the reports on exit polls taken after each primary contest, Iraq has dropped to second or third on the list of voters concerns (depending on party affiliation).

So what is this election all about? Is it really the economy, as reported in the polls? Don't we get it &

that it is all tied together? That we are being manipulated by greed and fear in order to achieve global dominance? That our insatiable appetite for oil and lucrative defense contracts, which fuel our economy, have enticed us to open a Pandora's Box of long-term ethnic hatred in Mesopotamia? And that we are borrowing heavily to fund this debacle?

Let's get back on track, brothers and sisters. Bottom line: It's the war, stupid!

Patti Walker

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