Jesus is cheaper than science

A recent study, led by a University of Virginia psychologist, of what makes people happy or sad showed that contentment is the most desirable place to be along the spectrum. An article written about the report explained how constant positive experiences tend to elevate one's expectations, thus making the most minor things in life perceived as great difficulties or annoyances. A couple of examples given were: those accustomed to traveling first class may get easily annoyed at having to wait in line, or someone who lives in a mansion may become infuriated over an annoying noise emanating from a neighbor's estate.

I'm not sure how much it cost to commission that study, or the follow-up that seeks to help people retain their sensitivity to positive events in life, but I could sure save them a lot of cash and time.

Just read the bible. And not just skim it. But study and understand it.

The issue of contentment is covered quite well, as are a number of other studies that social scientists deem necessary to commission in order to educate a seemingly ignorant populace. But I won't quote chapter and verse, as that little annoyance tends to send some readers into orbit.

And speaking of losing your cool, did you know that men with a tendency toward anger have more heart problems and hypertension? A scientific study looked at 2,334 men and women, ages 45 to 64 over a period of four to eight years. I can't tell you how much that study cost, but the findings were sufficient to get an article in the Washington Post. The result? Men with more frequent, intense and longer lasting anger were 1.7 times more likely to develop hypertension and twice as likely to develop heart disease than those with lower anger scores.

Doesn't that waste of money just tick you off? Be careful though. You could be risking a heart attack.

Of course, Jesus Christ was well known for his teachings on the heart, the emotions and personal behavior. He spoke about relationships between parents and children, men and women, and even how we should treat our co-workers and bosses. Jesus was an absolute genius. One would think He would be lauded as much by social scientists for His insight into a plethora of problems as Einstein is revered by the scientific world for his contributions.

But, if we believed that Jesus had an inkling of how people should live their lives we wouldn't have a need to spend billions of dollars on decades of research to discover things that are already known.

Does it really take a study by capitalistic corporations, special interest groups and so-called non-partisan nonprofit entities to persuade people that drunkenness has a health-related downside?

Are people so clueless that it isn't until a scholarly report explains that cigarettes and drugs are bad for our health that we finally get a clue? How much money goes into commissioning stupid studies each year? And have any of us actually read any of the studies, or are we content to wax eloquent about a newspaper article written about a study that some unknown charlatan in a lab coat wrote in order to get a big paycheck?

Consider the American scientists who flew to Germany to study the dating habits of older singles. They attended a speed dating party. They issued surveys before and after. The result? They "discovered" that the women were far more discriminating than the men.

How do you say "Duh!" in German? A trip to Ashland would've been a lot cheaper. And yes we have speed dating here.


One of the most destructive beliefs in our society is that trial-and-error sexual relationships outside of marriage is the normal and preferred method in civilized societies. Of course, this hype is peddled by adults to kids who have no ability to compare evolving social studies to teachings by Christ that haven't changed in two millenia. So the vast majority of kids grow up ignorant of the fallacies they've been taught, which are reinforced daily in virtually every medium.

Thus, the perceived need for surveys, studies and scientific analyses.


A bad marriage can be unhealthy says the Archives of Internal Medicine after the results of a British study were recently released. Marital strife can raise your risk for heart disease, scientists say.

Thanks science. I'll be sure to have a good marriage.

Of course, I do know that Jesus' perspective on marriage is quite different than what scientists would tell me. Although, even the expensive scientific studies continue to show that Jesus was right all along. And since He's never been wrong and science continues to prove itself wrong, I'll choose Christ.

Besides, He's cheaper.

is the Content Editor of the Ashland Daily Tidings. He is a conservative columnist and author. He can be reached at .

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