July 1, 2006 Oh, say can you see? Letter writers applauding PremierWest Bank’s enormous flag in Ashland as a gesture of super-patriotism are missing the bank’s main point, that point surely being to create super-business fo

Oh, say can

you see?

Letter writersapplauding PremierWest Bank’senormous flag in Ashland as a gesture of super-patriotism are missing the bank’s main point, that point surely being to create super-business for thecompany.The entire bank, in fact,is decked outin patrioticfolderol. On the front window,ahuge painting of Lady Liberty’s crown and torchgreets customers, and the bank’s sign-logosports a flag-like star-and-bars.

Obviously, Americans see their country’s flagin many different ways. In waving it, saluting it,ignoring it, or burning it, their feelings are highly personal, often very passionate, but rarely just selfish.

But there are always those who see the flagas a mere object, something to be exploited for personal gain. Politicians of course figuratively wrap themselves in it to hidetheirshabby or corrupt record and attract the votes of a gullible public. Corporations showingno love for their country when it comes to obeyingits laws would rather be caught with their collective pants down thanwithout Old Glorywaving over their headquarters.

PremierWest’s wholesale appropriation of patriotic symbolismas an advertising gimmickclearly fallswithin this exploitativepattern. Patriotic customers shouldn’t forgetthat they’re paying for those feel-good flags and that the bank’s ownersfeel very good about that.

Isaac Walker

Props for Ashland school bond

Our daughter attends Bellview Elementary and we are grateful for the commitment of the teachers and staff there.We are relieved to know that the building, the parking lot, the bus circulation, and the disability accessibility issues will be addressed with the passage of this school bond.

Teachers and staff are to be commended because they create such strong results in our children’s achievement despite inferior and poorly working buildings. With the money provided from the renewed facilities bond, Bellview will be a model elementary campus to match the model community in which we live. The children and the hard-working teachers and staff of our schools are certainly worthy of it. Please support this bond!

Jim and Terri Stephens

Stop using the

flag as a sign

There has been a lot of hateful criticism lately toward those who’ve been less than enamored by the oversize American flag flying over the bank in Ashland.

At the risk of also being labeled un-American, I too have wondered about the size of the flag. That’s not because the flag blocks my pristine view of the sunburnt weeds up the Dead Indian, but because it’s my understanding that the American flag is not to be used for advertising purposes. The bank clearly is doing that. So is the owner of that obscene Hummer that’s been vandalized lately along Siskiyou Boulevard. He is using the flag to promote his mortgage company.

I find that particularly crass. People who are dismayed about the over-commercialization of America (I am one of them) are not un-American. Quite to the contrary, they often believe that being American is not just about corporations and profit, but honoring the flag and our nation in ways that aren’t associated with making a buck.

John Enders

Global cooling


Announcing your own, personal scientific discoveries is better left to scientific journals where the results can be peer-reviewed. In a June 15 letter, Aaron Corbet of “The Ukhuru Institute” argued that climatologists and other scientists have been “suckered” into a “fantasy” regarding global warming.

Virtually every professional climatologist in the world understands global warming, and most believe that the pace of warming is man-made. Quite simply, this phenomenon is called global warming because the surface of the Earth is heating up, and the pace is accelerating. The United Kingdom may experience regional cooling as a result of changing currents, but the average global temperatures are rising precipitously.

Today we have the highest global temperatures of the last 400,000 years, and in the last 100 years, we believe these temperatures have risen faster than at any point in our planet’s history. See: http:www.ucsusa.org/global_warming.

That global warming is occurring is not a subject of debate; it is a measurable, repeatable, proven fact confirmed by scientists the world over.Even George Bush, possibly the most scientifically illiterate president we’ve ever had, understands that we are experiencing a radical global warming ... he’s just not ready to say publicly that his favorite donors are contributing to the problem (no pun intended).Thinking outside the box and testing conventional wisdom should be encouraged, but one should avoid making proclamations that are scientifically irresponsible.

Mr. Corbet and the rest of his 1-man “institute” should do more research.

John Williams

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