July 12, 2006 Dreaming of a cleaner parade Imagine a Fourth of July parade without vehicles. Imagine the creativity and fun in the Halloween parade, shown in the fourth entries. Everyone walking, maybe pushing or pulling wagons, cart

Dreaming of a cleaner parade

Imagine a Fourth of July parade without vehicles. Imagine the creativity and fun in the Halloween parade, shown in the fourth entries. Everyone walking, maybe pushing or pulling wagons, carts, small trailers. All musicians walking, they don’t have to be marching bands.

No big smelly trucks, no noisy cars and motorcycles. More fun groups like the historic Talent Tomatoes, Gepetto’s wontons, the wonderful Samba dancers. Even the dignitaries could walk. Governor Kulongoski did!

Think of the energy saved! Besides, it would be more fun. Oh well ... we can dream can’t we?

Maridale and Bill Moore

Praise for global warming dialogue

Finally, we can have some serious conversations about global warming!! For years groups like Exxon Mobil have spent millions to skew research and keep the public in a neutral, passive place when it comes to serious topics like how our lifestyles are endangering our precious environment. It is so encouraging to read the papers and see more and more citizens addressing the problem and supporting solutions.

The places that make Oregon the state we love are in jeopardy. Snow pack in the Cascades has decreased by half, just since the 1950’s! Unfortunately the federal government has taken little to no steps in attempts to curb these effects. But a measure has been proposed locally that 25 percent of our state’s energy come from clean solar and wind power. This is the single greatest action we can take in the right direction. And it’s up to our legislative officials to act. But guess what, they probably won’t unless the issue is on the tip of every constituent’s tongue. I challenge all concerned residents of Ashland to write one hand written letter to our legislators asking them to approve the measure come the legislative session next year.

I challenge all concerned residents of Ashland to have their voices heard in this democracy.

I challenge us all to be brave, and begin taking bigger steps through paths leading to a better place for not only us, but for generations to come.

Lorie Solis


AHS alumni right about

In the July — article by Robert Plain about the 30-year reunion for Ashland High’s Class of 1976,a graduate identified only as Jim indicated that he felt Ashland had lost much of what had made it special for him.

Jim is right. Ashlandhas changed greatly, and he shouldn’t be ashamed of his feelings. Rapid change and rapid growthcause sadness and alienation and should be seen as valid reactions. What isunfortunate is that the thousands if not millionsof people who feel the same as Jim about rapid change in their hometowns don’t try to change the trends that caused the feelings they harbor. SinceJim graduated in 1976, the U.S. population grew by 90 million people from about 210 million people to 300 million people now. Meanwhile Ashlandgrew from about 15,000 people to 21,000 people. No wonderAshland feels different.

But while we continue to send pro-growth people to Congress such as Wyden, Smith, Blumenauer and Wu, there isn’t much hope of stopping rapid change as these representatives vote to continue rapid growth in the United States.

Wewill have 500 million people in the United States and Ashland will have 35,000 peopleunless voters like Jim do something.

Brent Thompson

Call for community fireworks cleanup

There is no doubt that having fun can be a wonderful thing. The Fourth of July in Ashland is a day packed with parade, entertainment, eating, drinking, shopping and seeing members of our community in the park. The evening is often a barbeque with friends and family. Dusk explodes into the generous community fireworks display.

I am not going to share my opinions about fireworks, or jets flying overhead, candy and gum being thrown out to delighted children, gobs of trash discarded on our downtown streets. Those are for another letter to the editor.

What has been so striking about post Fourth of July this year is the condition of our streets, sidewalks, bike paths, parking lots and other public places. They have been littered with firework debris. Pavements blackened and the remains left all over town.

Having fun is great. Cleaning up after one’s pleasures seems reasonable. It is the responsibility of those users to take their garbage with them. I hope very much that the adults who bought these fireworks will have conversations with their children about safety (of course) and clean up. My wish would be that people would be satisfied with the city’s fireworks display and observe the “no fireworks” rules. But if you insist on having your very own explosives leave no debris behind. Thank you.

Risa Buck

‘Truth’ answers questions

Please see “An Inconvenient Truth” if you question the reality or the crisis of global warming. If mainstream reading has convinced you that pesky liberals are just rekindling their ‘60s eco-paranoia, and you doubt the validity of their Chicken Little cries, then please see this movie or read scientific journals, and re-examine your popular media influenced ideas.

If you don’t like Al Gore, forget that he’s the messenger — just listen to the facts. “An Inconvenient Truth” contains fact-filled research and beautiful photos depicting how Earth looks from space, the craggy grandeur of glaciers (and the visible horror of their disappearance), what global warming means for weather patterns, trees, oceans and populations.

Global warming confronts us with huge moral dilemmas; our world is at grave risk, changing profoundly with catastrophic impacts. Simple lifestyle changes can reverse devastating warming trends. Checkout this personal audit impact checklist shows what you can do to facilitate needed change: www.an-inconvenient-truth.com/personalimpactauditchecklistjusttext.pdf.

Susan Roudebush

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