July 27, 2006 An Imperfect Truth Mr. Gore’s movie on Global Warming implies a scientific unanimity that does not exist, as one can see at , which also provides links to evidence against &ldquo

An Imperfect Truth

Mr. Gore’s movie on Global Warming implies a scientific unanimity that does not exist, as one can see at <http:www.envirotruth.org/myth_experts.cfm>, which also provides links to evidence against “certainties” such as melting ice caps and rising seas.

Mr. Gore asserts that we are experiencing the “warmest decade in a millennium.” But, the well-documented “Medieval Warm Period” (1000-1400) was warmer than anything we are experiencing now. We do not know how much longer or hot the current warming will be, or how much human activity contributes to it.

Mr. Gore labels CO2, essential to plant life, as “global warming pollution.” But, Ottawa environmental geochemist Professor Veizer believes CO2 increases follow so cannot cause temperature increases. The annual human contribution of three billion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere is trivial compared to annual natural emissions of 210 billion tons in an atmosphere containing 800 billion tons of CO2.

Mr. Gore claims human-caused climate changes are behind increased hurricanes. But, Winnipeg climatologist Professor Ball says, “The theories that Gore supports indicate the greatest warming will be in polar regions. Therefore, the temperature contrast with warmer regions — driver of extreme weather — will lessen and, with it, storm potential will lessen.” National Hurricane Center director Mayfield attributes the increase to the “North Atlantic oscillation,” not global warming. Natural Hazards editor Murty finds that “In the other six ocean basins where tropical cyclones occur, there is either a flat or a downward trend.”

Mr. Gore suggests the seas are rising due to global warming, but Virginia environmental science Professor emeritus Singer argues that sea level has been rising gradually since the end of the last Ice Age regardless of climate fluctuations and probably will continue doing so for 5000 years. Rising seas are not covering the Maldives and Barbados. Rather, the islands are sinking because agricultural run-off, pollution and construction projects affecting the flow of nutrients are killing the coral reefs, according to Christian Albrecht oceanographer Professor Schwarzer.

Google turns up credible differences for virtually every claim Mr. Gore makes. This does not make Mr. Gore wrong, but he would seem more fair and trustworthy if he debated instead of denied the differences, and had been more careful with his facts and less certain of his conclusions. Lord Melbourne’s aphorism about Carlyle applies: “I wish I were as sure of anything as he seems to be of everything.”

David Churchman

Praise for

Santa Barbara

Lorenzo Santa Barbara’s teaching of gymnastics, grace, dance and movement to children (and adults) using bins of foam, large sphere’s, wall climbing aparatus, hula hoops, bungie cords, jump ropes, stilts, balance beams, mats, spring boards, foam rectangular solids, suspended rings and other objects including lengthy, heavy suspended draperies a la Errol Flynn, Zorro, or John Barrymore movies is an asset to the Rogue Valley.

Santa Barbara’s use of the swinging and hanging on drapes shouldn’t be seen as some kind of attack, diminishment or capitalization on someone else’s particular, it is just one small piece of what is available in Santa Barbara’s classes.

The community should support instructors such as Lorenzo Santa Barbara who committed to the very unlucrative profession of teaching gymnastics, dance and movement to our children and to those older than that who can still swing, climb, balance and maneuver on things without killing themselves.

Santa Barbara will hopefully continue to feature performing with “ suspended draperies” a la Cirque du Soleil or a la swashbuckler movie, as a part of student gymnastics, dance and movement performances.

Brent Thompson

America owes

no apologies

During our national anthem last Thursday (July 20) I looked up through the trees to the sky and all beyond and I was struck with the enormity of it all, how fortunate I was. As our anthem came to the ending it was if I had been engulfed by a giant wave, struck by the realization that I stood on the ground of a great nation that gave freedom to more people in nearly 230 years of existence than has all the rest of the world combined.

As to who we owe our debt of gratitude for their part in all of this brought me to the words of General Douglas MacArthur when he said:

“When the country is in need, it has always been the soldier;

It’s the soldier, not the newspaper, which has given us freedom of the press;

It’s the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech;

It’s the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to demonstrate;

It’s the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves under the flag;

It’s the soldier who is called upon to defend our American way of life.”

One final point to reflect upon:

Our Commender-in-chief, Harry S Truman, veteran of World War 1, well known for his “buck stops here” comment, had a gut wrenching decision to make 61 years ago. Living up to that ideal, he probably made the most important judgment call of his career when he authorized use of the atomic bomb. The decision he made gave freedom of life by not having to invade Japan. The freedom of life to a million or more Japanese and a million or more American service men and women, as well as giving Japan a new country, a united country, a life reborn.

Again, we owe apologies to no one!

Ralph A Herbold

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