July 28, 2006 More flag flap Only in Ashland would we be expressing about the size of a bank’s American flag. Are you telling me that “Trevis Caplinger” spent time driving around to three different Premier West Banks to check ou

More flag flap

Only in Ashland would we be expressing about the size of a bank’s American flag.

Are you telling me that “Trevis Caplinger” spent time driving around to three different Premier West Banks to check out the size of their flags?

You know that, the location of Ashland’s new Premier West Bank came with a flag pole? Remember McDonalds? It had a flag flying.

So what if Premier West Bank chose to buy/fly a larger flag than McDonalds?

Gayle Vezie


for medians

I was dazzled for weeks by the poppies in the medians on Hwy. 66 as you turn off of Siskiyou … as well as many other plantings. I’ve thought many times of writing in appreciation, but haven’t. Then there was a letter complaining because there was one of the medians which got forgotten! So I thought I should express my appreciation for those I’ve really enjoyed. Many thanks.

Anne Richards

Call for Mt. A


A lot of rhetoric about the environmental consequences of the Mt. Ashland expansion seems exaggerated. Some of the very people who accuse President Bush of exaggerating the terrorism threat for political purposes are using the same tactics locally with respect to Mt. Ashland and the environment. That isn’t what “think globally — act locally” means.

The proponents of the expansion have been through a decade of study and the project has survived the various administrative and court challenges thrown in its path. The legal and environmental experts have weighed in and their determination is that the environmental concerns can be addressed without negative impacts. The Forest Service, city, and the Mount Ashland Association have developed working documents to assure that the expansion project will have a minimum impact on the environment.

The MAA has recently announced a willingness to go a big step further than necessary to comply with environmental regulations. They are hiring Michael Hogan, a soil scientist and highly-regarded environmental consultant, to work with the various interest groups to perform the expansion activities in ways that actually reduce the amount of sediment entering the watershed compared to existing conditions. Now that is “acting locally!”

This community has benefited from the ski area in numerous ways. The MAA has demonstrated its commitment to the community and the environment. It’s time to drop the exaggerated, inflammatory rhetoric and work together to achieve the best outcomes during the expansion project.

Joe Strahl

Call for halt

on expansion

As you undoubtedly know, water is in short supply world-wide. By owning the ski area at Mt. Ashland, the City of Ashland is in the unbelievably beautiful position of being in control of our own watershed. What a rare situation in the world of today! It seems as if our major consideration should be protection of the vital commodity without which we could not live. So why are we considering any action which might in any way jeopardize this precious gift we now have and hope to preserve for the future?

And for what would we gamble this wonderful treasure of our own water? Remember we were able to buy this property only because commercial interests were never able to operate it profitably due to the unreliable snowfall. Also remember, the last company planned to take down all the lifts and equipment and move them to another location, away from Mt. Ashland. It was then that our community rose up in protest and contributed enough money to buy it outright.

I love Mt. Ashland, and, like most of the community, I was glad that we were able to buy it for ourselves. The idea of local skiing and programs for our youth to learn and to enjoy the outdoors is wonderful. We have all this at affordable prices and, as far as I know, no debt. Why are we not satisfied?

It is my conjecture that the majority of Ashland’s citizens share my opinion, and have been thinking our leadership would take care of protecting our property. Wake up, citizens of Ashland! Mt. Ashland Ski Association is planning to cut down our trees in our watershed soon — perhaps before the case has been settled in court! Do you want this? Well, then, speak up before it is too late. Tell the mayor and the city council that we do not want this expansion of the Mt. Ashland Ski Area.

Sally Crummé

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