June 17, 2006 Fuss about flag in poor taste I can’t believe that people are actually fussing about the new flag. Haven’t they heard of “America, Love it or Leave it?” Everyday when I drive by the new flag, I think abo

Fuss about flag in poor taste

I can’t believe that people are actually fussing about the new flag. Haven’t they heard of “America, Love it or Leave it?” Everyday when I drive by the new flag, I think about my son who is risking his life everyday serving in Iraq.

Keep the flag — lose the president! We have tons wrong with the USA, but at least we still have our freedom.

Linda Goins

Flag facts would help critics

Let me start by informing Thomas Walters that the new flag is NOT on US Bank, its on Premier West Bank. The flag does not “BLOCK” the view of the mountains and is not an eyesore for Americans. If you don’t like seeing an American flag fly, leave the United States.

I love the flag!!

Kelly Pegoda

Education money well spent

Recently, SOU Professor Emeritus Lawson Inada was named Poet Laureate of Oregon.This is a wonderful honor for Oregon, for Southern Oregon, Ashland and Southern Oregon University.We are blessed by poetry, and Lawson Inada beautifully affirms this as he continues to teach poetry to students throughout Oregon.

In my opinion, contributing to education is ultimately the best and most prudent investment of all. Lawson Inada has demonstrated this with his many fine years of teaching at SOU.Moreover, generous financial giving to our educational institutions, especially the language and arts programs in our public schools and University can nurture beautiful people for our world’s future.

Patti Morey

Detractors should get a new view

What a wonderful sight, as you cross the bridge on Ashland Street and see that beautiful flag. Seeing it for the first time was even better on Flag Day.

Perhaps those that who don’t like it can move elsewhere for their “view.” I’d be glad to suggest possible locations. I now feel that my flag is too small and I’ll purchase a new one.

Don Politis

Director key to show going on

The process of bringing life to a play can take unexpected turns. Such was the case with our current production, “Memory of Water.” Not often, but on occasion, things can get off track in rehearsal. When this happens in the not-for-profit theatre it is the artistic director’s responsibility to do his or her best to get it back on track and moving in the right direction. It is never an easy situation, particularly if a play needs to be postponed. I was fortunate indeed that our director Wendy Spurgeon continued on with the production and collaborated with a great generosity of spirit as we worked to give the right focus to this wonderful play, “Memory of Water.” Wendy exhibited talent, patience and grace in a situation that would have buckled a less talented, less gracious person.

Thank you, Wendy.

Peter Alzado

Producing Artistic Director Oregon Stage Works

No flag can cover the misdeeds

I believe it was an Evelyn Waugh character who advised his government to “put out more flags” whenever the British Empire was caught doing some egregiously wicked and stupid thing. The grossly large flag in question in this case must represent the tactic of “the worse the behavior of the American Empire, the bigger the flag.” The biggest flag ever made cannot cover the wicked and stupid things our American Empire is doing, and has been doing for many years.

Gerald Cavanaugh

Use kicker for education funds

Taxpayers’ payments, which exceed the state budget (the Kicker Refund), should not be returned to us this year. It should be applied to State debt, which is too high.

Our lawmakers know Oregon can no longer borrow on unsecured Certificates of Participation, which we have been doing in past years.

Jean R. Strand

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