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Why the media hates Ron Paul

The Friday, Jan. 11 Ashland Daily Tidings (via The Washington Post) ran a deragotory, disparaging and distorted commentary titled, "Ron Paul's appeal."

It's obvious the establishment news media is intolerant against any candidate for high office who is morally and intellectually honest, and who likewise is a threat to the socialist/collectivist order! Perhaps Chuck Baldwin states it best in his timely Jan. 8 commentary, "Why Does The Establishement Hate Ron Paul?"

To read online access via "Chuck's Archived Columns."

In a previous Tuesday, Dec. 18 Ashland Daily Tidings letter I stated: "There exists only one Republican presidential candidate worthy of support in the November 2008 general election: Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Ron Paul's platform is the restoration of our constitutional republic by:


162; Stopping the looting of social security.


162; Bringing our troops home, now.


162; Saving $1 trillion overseas, reducing our debt, helping veterans, children, and seniors, and cutting taxes.


162; Ending forced health care screening and vaccinations.


162; Opposing the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA, and the NAU (North American Union).


162; Fight for freedom to choose health care.


162; Stop corporate welfare and polluters.


162; Stop the national I.D. card.


162; Oppose internet taxes and regulation.


162; Repeal the un-American 1968 Federal Gun Control Act. This damnable, vile anti-gun legislation was signed into law by perhaps the worse and most rotten president in American history: Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) and his Democratic Party henchman, the late Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticutt. GCA '68 is predicated upon the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 (see www.JPFO. org).

Congressman Ron Paul sponsored H.R. 1146 "The Amerian Sovereignty Restoration Act" to rightly "Get Us Out Of The United Nations" ()

If the American public continues voting for the lesser of two evils as personified by the corrupt two party system (both Democrats and Republicans or "Republicrats!), then they rightly deserve the oppressive, abusive, and un-constitutional government they receive. They only have themselves to blame for remaining deluded and in denial. For more on Ron Paul access .

James A. Farmer

How is Merkley helping our planet

Jeff Merkley, Democratic Party primary candidate for U.S. Senate, appears to be yet another supposed environmental candidate like Wyden and Blumenauer who favor any number of symbolic and "feel good" laws, programs and fixes that might retard environmental and livability degradation, but who won't deal with the root cause of environmental and livability losses: ever more heavy consuming Americans needing ever more goods, services and housing.

In the 20th century the U.S. added 200 million people with almost 100 million people added from 1970 to 2000. But Merkley, while acknowledging that all our growth comes from immigration, refuses to say how many Oregonians or Americans will be enough.

He dodged the question by focusing on technological fixes for global warming and on his work on Measure 49. While his work on Measure 49 is laudable, we never would have needed Measure 49 nor Senate Bill 100 which Measure 49 reinstated if we hadn't been faced with the spector of endless U.S. and Oregon population growth.

After witnessing a lifetime of environmental, livability, and freedom losses, symbolic fixes for and the evasion of our biggest environmental problem &

ever more Americans continuing to consume 25 percent of the world's resources &

are not tolerable. We need candidates who deal with the cause of environmental and livability degeneration not with more ways of dealing with its symptoms.

Brent Thompson

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