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Letter to our friends and neighbors

Like many in our community, we've been stunned by recent events in Ashland. In the memorial service for David Grubbs, his family embraced the profoundly powerful counsel from Romans 12:21, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." They've showed us all how to begin and continue the healing process.

Our church members have been praying with this verse suggested by the Grubbs family, embracing our immediate neighborhood and the entire community. We're praying to know that the power of light is present to overcome the shadows of evil. We're praying that instead of haunting fear, we can feel safety through the comfort and guiding light of divine Love. There is light, and together we can amplify and reflect this light in both our individual and collective response to this tragedy.

Here's how one spiritual thinker responded to last summer's Oslo, Norway, event last summer on our church's website:

Maude from Waterford, Mich., wrote: "In 2006, in Lancaster County, when the Amish children were attacked, it was like the floor I was standing on fell away from my feet. That is the same feeling I got with the Norway news. What can you know and do with such news? Ask God for peace. Ask God to help me and everyone else internalize and process the whole news story with faith that justice will be served and that prayer, meditation, love, and healing is possible after the unexpected violence." (www.spirituality.com) During the month of December we'll be devoting our Wednesday evening meetings to exploring spiritual answers to this community challenge. The public is always welcome to join these informal get-togethers where we share what we're learning in our daily spiritual walk, and the healing that results. We'd love to have you join us at 7:30 for about an hour of music, short readings, and the sharing of inspiration. Everyone is invited to attend.

Rick Harris


Ashland Christian Science Church

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