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Letter on Palestinians, Israel ignores history

Cynthia Zavatski's letter (June 7) about the travails of the Palestinians is like a history of World War II from only the Nazi point of view. It's easy to write a critique if you simply ignore and/or are ignorant of history.

Even the most cursory reading of history shows that in 1947, the U.N. created separate Jewish and Arab states. It was called the partition plan. Jews had lived in Israel many centuries before Muslims even existed and have lived there continuously.

Jews accepted the partition, which was a compromise similar to what is offered to the Arabs today. The Arabs rejected it and several Arab nations attacked the nascent Jewish state in an attempt to conquer Jewish land and kill as many Jews as possible.

The attacking Arabs urged fellow Arabs to leave the new Jewish state. Those who left became refugees in the Arab states which refused to integrate them into their populations, thus forcing them to remain in refugee camps.

Those Arabs who remained in Israel make up approximately 20 percent of Israel's population with full legal rights. Israeli Arabs serve in Israel's parliament and Supreme Court and in every other facet of cultural and political life.

The refusal of the non-Israeli Arabs to make peace with Israel is the cause of Palestinian refugee "misery." Their fellow Arabs don't feed the refugees. Most of their subsistence comes from the American taxpayer.

History also shows that at the same time as the 1948 Arab attacks on Israel, Arab nations simultaneously expelled 800,000 Jews, who had been citizens for many centuries in Arab countries. Israel gave refuge and resettled all of these Jews. They did not leave them to linger as victims, festering in incited rage, or beg for the charity of others.

All the wars Israel has engaged in were forced upon it by its Arab neighbors.

The Arabs refuse to make peace. They have publically declared that their goal is the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

Israel was forced by Arabs to build walls to protect itself from Arab murderers who try to enter Israel to kill men, women and children. They did that on a regular basis until the walls were built. At the same time, they fire thousands of missiles into Israel. In spite of this, Israel treats Arabs from the Arab territories in its hospitals.

Muslim children outside of Israel are taught in their school textbooks, no less, to hate Jews and that the most glorious death is by becoming a suicide murderer of "infidels," preferably Christians and Jews. All of the "suffering" alleged by Cynthia could end if the Arabs would stop teaching their children to hate and choose peace instead of war. Historical revisionism only spreads ignorance.

Maynard Telpner


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