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Letter wasn't based on reality

I would like to take a moment to respond to Ryan Navickas' letter, as published on your opinion pages recently.

The letter as a whole is quite adolescent and really doesn't function much in reality. Since Mr. Navickas is represented on LinkedIn only by a large photograph of Che Guvera, I can only assume that his politics run to the radical and socialist, and I find it ironic that this fellow would even be on LinkedIn, which is designed as a professional networking site and is distinctly capitalist, but I digress; from experience, I know that young liberals (and it is clear to me that Ryan is terribly young) tend to mix their socialist politics in with their use of capitalist mechanisms and that this is an irony usually lost on them.

I can forgive Mr. Navickas for his youth, but I really must protest his suggestion that Biome's presence in Germany at any point in the late 1930s might have stopped the rise of the Nazis. A bearded and verbose communist such as Biome would most likely have been sent to the gas chambers as opposed to being asked to sit down had he become too agitating. Many members of my wife's family were forced into the Russian woods during the war, and for the most part died there during the winter of 1941, so you will forgive me if I don't capitulate to Mr. Navickas' sophomoric nuance when he suggests that the dismantling of Israel somehow does not correlate with Israel's not having a right to exist.

If I were a violent man, and I decided to walk over and dismantle young Ryan's face, then I think it would be implied that I did not believe that his face had a right to exist.

Unlike the Nazis, I do not simply exterminate all those who offend me. Luckily for Mr. Navickas, I believe in democracy, which at times requires that the sword be used. Hamas, al-Qaida and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can't be compared to a panel of the Rotary Club's finest (in fact, in the late 1930s, Rotary Clubs across Germany were persecuted by the Nazis and accused of Freemasonic activity).

Israel has been remarkably restrained in the quest for ongoing security considering what Iran is currently doing with its nuclear program. If Mr. Navickas does not understand the current geopolitical climate, he might consider going back to his farm and keeping his idiotic opinions to himself; opinions which are, in fact, racist.

Jeffrey Gillespie


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