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How about a little law enforcement?

I bike my son to school every day and not a day goes by without someone cruising through the crosswalk on Siskiyou while we are standing at the curb, or sometimes even in the crosswalk!

It is frightening, dangerous and, to be perfectly honest, enraging! The new signs announcing that it is a state law to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk is a nice touch, but people texting or talking on the phone (another issue screaming for law enforcement!) don't seem to notice them.

The flashing lights definitely help when they are working — the one at Palm has been "out of order" for about two months (even if the parts were coming from Siberia, they should have been here by now). Regardless, cars ignore the flashing lights on a regular basis so that apparently is not the answer.

Clearly, we need law enforcement. And I am not talking about the sting they do every two years where they announce for a week that they will be enforcing the law ("so please comply this week"). We need consistent enforcement if we are serious about keeping our pedestrians and cyclists safe. I assume that this is something our community is serious about, since the City Council approved the warning lights at significant cost to the taxpayers.

I understand that we do not have enough police officers to regularly monitor the crosswalks. However, cameras could certainly be installed and the money collected in fines would easily pay for staff to review them, not to mention create some jobs.

I don't know if that's the solution but it is an idea. Something needs to be done before someone else is killed. It is only a matter of time, especially with the tremendous increase in pedestrian crossing that will occur when the new dorms are completed. I hope that our city will choose to be proactive to prevent further loss of life and that it doesn't take another tragedy for this issue to be addressed.

Scott Bandoroff


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