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Donate season pass dollars to ski area

I think that we can all agree that this winter has been disappointing. As a lifelong Ashland resident, for me winter truly begins when Mount Ashland peeks down at the valley covered in snow and, even more than that, I look forward to zooming down those slopes on my skis.

So, while I worry about the drought that we are obviously facing, and miss my favorite winter hobby, I also worry about the future of the Mount Ashland ski area. I've read that many season pass holders are asking for refunds on their purchase, and I hope people see the consequence of doing that. Pulling the only large source of revenue the organization has had in the last year, after a summertime construction project has been reported to already strain their budget, may push them over the edge.

When wanting that $600 back, think about a few things. Consider the jobs that were lost this year — lift operators, food service workers and other seasonal employees — do we want to see that happen again next year if the mountain cannot open at all?

Consider how much money you personally save by having a ski resort so close you can see it from all over the valley. Without Mt. Ashland alive and well next year, Rogue Valley skiers and snowboarders will have to travel to Mount Shasta, Mount Bachelor, Hoodoo in Eugene or Tahoe, costing much more in travel expenses and creating more pollution while they do it.

I'm not saying that Mt. Ashland is a perfectly run organization, as I do not know the inner workings, but what I am saying is that instead of remembering the 2013-2014 winter season as the lowest snowpack in Mt. Ashland's history, why not remember it as the year that we all stepped up and donated our pass money to keep a mainstay of our valley open.

Consider it. Call the folks up at Mt. Ashland and tell them to keep your money as a donation. We can't change the weather, but we can try to help out a local organization who has given back for the last 50 years. Consider it.

Marjorie Gosling


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