Letter At Length, July 6

Buying American is true patriotism

I love America and the Fourth of July, especially the Ashland parade and all the people proud of our country. I know it takes hundreds of people and volunteers, and I appreciate everyone's service. I know they get lots of compliments and suggestions each year, but I thought this issue warrants the entire community's attention. Let's all make our next Fourth of July a little more "Made in USA," especially the American flags we're all flying, and the fuel we're all burning.

We all know that buying American products creates American jobs, but in the current economic and environmental catastrophes it is even more essential that we support sustainable solutions. Even the Ashland Chamber of Commerce was selling "American" flags that were "Made in China." I know they are cheaper and easier to find, but what does that really say about our patriotism? Betsy Ross would roll over.

Every year I see more and more alternative energy vehicles in the parade, and am glad all the spectators and participants can breath a little easier. Just think how much foreign petroleum is burned to show our patriotism. I saw a few floats with local Rising Phoenix Biodiesel, and just imagine if the entire parade were petroleum-free, running on good, "old-fashioned" American energy. Benjamin Franklin would probably have an electric float!

The Fourth of July is Independence Day, and some day our Ashland parade will be a sustainable model that is "Made in the USA." Buying American products costs us all a little more in the short-term, but is an investment in our children's future.

This country was founded on hard work and sacrifice, not cheap, plastic junk, so from our fireworks to our flags and fuel, let's make Energy Independence Day every day by supporting sustainable American solutions.

David Tourzan


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