Letter at length, March 24

Loss of weekly TV guide does not serve Tidings readers

If you are changing the weekly TV guide to just having the daily TV guide on the comics page, that is fine with me, since I get your paper delivered to me every day anyway.

However, the weekly guide has at least eight more channels advertised than the daily. The daily TV guide leaves out Ovation (which I love to watch, and not only for its programming about "the arts" — they also have good movies), as well as Bravo, the Travel Channel, HGTV, CNBC, MSNBC, IFC, TCM. I may have missed one other channel, since you have GOLF in the daily guide, for some strange reason, and it is not on the weekly guide. Apparently your TV editor is a golfer? I believe the GOLF channel is on satellite TV only.

I had to stop getting the many more cable TV channels because of my budget, and now I only get local community channels. So I really don't care about the other ignored channels, since I can't get them anyhow. But Ovation is important to me, and I can still get it, and I want to know what is on!

Another annoyance is that I am retired and can watch TV during the day, and you only print the evening TV guide! There is a huge retired population in this area, and I would think you'd want to please us!

Don't forget, in addition, that my choice was to keep subscribing to your newspaper rather than spend my money on more TV channels. In other words, I have been loyal to your job rather than to mindless TV watching! I used to get a whole bunch of TV channels! I would think maybe you would reward "paper loyalty!"

I would also guess that other "Oldies" prefer paper to online-reading-for-free, also. I have a computer, and I could have saved $120, as well as tips for deliverers, had I been persuaded by my adult children to read you online instead. But I like to have the paper news and crossword, and I dislike reading the computer screen for as long as the paper takes me to read. It also is a whole different newspaper online. Yes, I know I could do the crossword puzzle online, but it makes me nervous. Yes, I like to e-mail, too, but most e-mails are brief and don't exhaust one to read them.

But even if you decide to only print evening television schedules, it is necessary for me to have the Ovation schedule included somehow! Please?

Sally Evans


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