Letter at length, October 20

Always do the right thing

I couldn't believe it when I read the lead story in the Oct. 15 Daily Tidings ("Mayor reverses: Ban nudity near schools"), that the mayor reversed his views on public nudity near our children's schools. Bravo Mr. Mayor, that means you were not against it previously and helped pass that order in the first place. So should you be applauded for this reversal? I think not! In fact, the mayor should voluntarily step down for his previous condonation of this act which is not nudity; it is indecent exposure! Talking about exposing genitals? What kind of discussion is that to begin with?

Does the ban then not apply if you are not in the vicinity of a school? I have three young children in the school system, one a female in the third grade, and I think this is despicable. Can you expose yourself elsewhere within city limits? If the mayor likes nudity so much, why doesn't he join a nudist colony or go to St. Tropez or Mykonos, where it is legal and real nudity, not indecent exposure!

This is alarming when a government official enacts beliefs like that. I am no judgmental square. I have been to Woodstock, lived in New York City; Marin County, Calif. Santorini, Greece; Paris; Amsterdam and Santa Fe; and I am quite tolerant. But this is ridiculous and the mayor should step down, as I do not think he is fit to make decisions for his constituents, and his vision of Ashland does not speak for me. This once was a family-oriented, wholesome and homogeneous community.

There is a huge difference between nudity or artistic appreciation of the human body and out and out support of what amounts to be nothing less than indecent exposure. This is not even close to true leadership, and these leaders should not remain in power. Do the right thing Mr. Mayor. Step down and take the other bizarrely disposed policy-making council people with you! You know, the others on your council who advocate "free housing for all" — whereby one does not have to work hard and be a contributor, but can still realize the benefits just because they want to live here.

You all make no sense with your type of legislation, your beliefs and your abuse of power. Somewhere along the line your thinking has become mutated.

Stephen Melifulous


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