Letter at length, September 21

Thanks for a gem of a home remodel

I am a Ashland home owner, and I am having some remodeling done to my small home by Asher Homes. I would like to publish a letter of thanks to Steven Asher and the teams of Asher Homes and let other people know what a gem of a business exists in the construction trade here in Ashland. It is a rare thing to find these days.

When I first started to consider getting some work done to my old house, I was warned up and down the coast by all my friends and relatives that you have to watch out! Keep an eye on the crews and research everything about the contractor. Actually sit around the job site every day and make sure they were working and take notes, so when I spoke with the contractor I could tell him what really went on during the day. Well, that is the last thing I wanted to do, but started with that advice and a notebook.

From day one, the crew showed up early and worked hard every minute. I was shocked. I tossed my notebook in my art pile and watched to enjoy the process. They know their stuff.

Steve, the contractor and owner of Asher Homes, was on the job often, making sure every detail was perfect and the crew would be ready to go right into the next step. The materials were there and the crew were always in a good mood. They took very few breaks and short lunches. I put popsicles in the freezer for them, as it was during those very hot days in July, but they never even took a break to eat them.

Given the incredible vision, intelligence and craftsmanship of Steve Asher and the way he organizes, it is no surprise the rate of speed at which the house came apart and is now coming together. These guys are talented, friendly, honest and extremely hardworking.

I am equally impressed with the skill and great connections of the design consultant, Gina Heckly. She has helped me go from what I wanted to the realities of what I needed and how to achieve the same effect while accommodating my budget. Not an easy task considering my picky taste for the best of everything.

Now, I am in San Francisco having some surgery and I know that my house will continue to proceed as planned. I don't have a thing to worry about. Gina sends me pictures of the rapid progress and it is a great relief knowing I will come home to my beautiful new house. I am so fortunate to have found such a great contractor and crew in Asher Homes. Remodeling can actually be fun and not the nightmare so many others have experienced.

This is a totally unsolicited letter, and I'm sure the crew will blush when they read it. Thanks everyone!

Christine Ashrow


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