Letter at length, September 22

Thanks for all the help in a crisis

This is an open letter to my angels. My name is Kerry Lynn Osworth. Last Monday, my apartment in Ashland caught fire and I lost virtually everything (see Sept. 14 article "Fire damages apartment on Iowa Street"). By the grace of God, my kitty Sable and I were not home when this happened. This is an open letter of thanks to all of you who have helped me through this crisis.

Thank you Teresa (my property manager) for helping me to find lodging ASAP and making sure the Red Cross was waiting there to help me out (Phil Gonzales, a veteran of Katrina and 9/11). Thank you to Stephanie, Molly and Harmony (my wonderful neighbors) for the initial contributions of food, bedding, clothes and kitchen utensils so I could get through that first shocking day. Thank you to Jana, who knocked on my door, saw smoke seeping out and had her friend call the fire department. Lest we forget, thank you to the heroic members of the Ashland Fire Department for their quick response!

Thank you to my longtime best friend and co-worker Annie for posting my setback on the Harry and David intranet (where I work seasonally).

As a result of this posting, I was overwhelmed by the incredible support and contributions from my co-workers at Harry and David. Thank you Deonna and Mr. Bean, Diane Marsh, Linda and Laura Case (and Donny), Stacy, Mary and Edna Harris, Chris Bush and Jen Ware. Thank you to Victor for informing me of the Theresa McCormick Employee Assistance Center (on the Harry and David campus), a source of cost-free items ranging from clothes to dishes and more, stocked by contributions from Harry and David employees.

The list goes on: more thanks to Debbie, Mary Kay and Troy Yunker from Harry and David for their concerned calls and offers of help as well.

Last but not least, thank you to my other best friend, Kitty Starr of Northern Oregon for her contribution of clothing and endless phone conversations of moral support. And thank you to the "former" Mr. Ed Osworth (author of "Unstoppable Joy") for his moral support as well.

In less than a week, I have acquired a house full of furniture for every room of the house, a closet full of clothes, a kitchen completely stocked with utensils and a full larder. I never knew I had so many caring friends.

My cup isn't just half full — it runneth over. We truly live in a world of magic.

God bless you all!

Kerry Lynn Osworth


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