Letter to the Editor

Co-op changes from 'we' to 'us and them'

I have been a proud member of our Ashland Food Co-op for about 25 years. We have one of the most successful co-ps in the country.

Our co-op growth from the start to where it is today is amazing. It is a great place to shop; the staff is friendly, efficient and cooperative.

I was a proud trade union member in my life. I value trade unions as necessary to a democracy. I was around when the sit-down strike in 1934 in Detroit resulted in a contract with General Motors. Unions built the foundations for much of the post-war middle class. Trade unions are necessary for fairness dealing with corporations and larger private businesses.

Our co-op is nonprofit, has a higher wage scale and exceptional benefits in this day and age. It has been rated one of the 25 best places to work in Oregon. The introduction of a national union changes our co-op from a "we" organization to an "us and them" place.

I regret this move. I can't believe that reasonable people engaged in an organization so important to our community can lose sight of their obligation to find a solution where everyone can agree to disagree without wrecking a wonderful institution.

I suggest an open meeting with staff, directors and members to find a solution in harmony.

Clair Killen


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