Letter to the Editor

More lights needed on Hunter Court

There is another street in Ashland which needs lights besides the bike path, though near it: Hunter Court, which runs from Homes Avenue toward the railroad. It passes the side of the senior center, the school playground the swimming pool and the tennis courts, which have lights for night games.

The fire department gave a Thanksgiving dinner for seniors in the evening on Nov. 21. When we were ready to leave, the firemen offered to go with us to our cars, as David Grubbs had just been attacked a few days before. Outside, it was utterly dark. Only the lights on Homes Avenue shone weakly at the corner — there were no lights at all to illuminate the side street where many cars were parked. It was scary.

The city should reconsider the safety of: 1) The children and others who may cut across the playground after dark; 2) seniors who are leaving the center after dark; 3) Anyone who uses that street to get where they're going. Three or four light poles would not be beyond the city's budget.

Virginia A. King


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