Letter to the Editor

Don't play the game of the name

Politicians agree that 98 percent of us vote in local elections based on name recognition; not on positions, not on issue priorities, not on specific proposed solutions, not even on honesty or credibility. Ninety-eight percent of us vote based on name recognition, period.

Politicians are smart. They know how easy we are to manipulate. So what do they do? They put their names all over, in junk mail ads, in newspaper inserts, on lawn signs and telephone poles, on buttons and bumper stickers, everywhere. And what do we do? We vote for them just because we see their names more than their opponents'.

Do you want to stop this manipulative practice? I do, and I have good news.

The solution is simple — vote for the candidates whose names you don't see plastered all over. Believe me, politicians aren't stupid. If it doesn't work, they won't do it. It's just that simple.

Bruce Harrell


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