Letter to the Editor

'Sexist' charge is itself sexist

Eric Navickas claims that Ashland is "sexist" because we currently have no female department heads. Such a claim, by its nature, is sexist. It says that we should choose staff leadership based on gender, and that Eric is evaluating staff by that criteria.

Is that how you want staff selected? They, like our elected leaders, should be chosen on their ability to perform the job in the best possible manner.

It is interesting that while Eric was on the council he did not raise this issue.

We can see the obvious campaign rhetoric beginning. Eric is supporting two females seeking City Council seats. Next we will have claims that our current council is suffering because it has only one female member.

While I do believe it is beneficial to have the perspective brought by both genders and am supporting Jackie Agee for council, I do not believe that gender is or should be a criterion for office.

Ashland will elect the best persons for mayor and council. Their gender should not be the basis for or against that election.

Bill Heimann


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