Letter to the Editor

Another pedestrian killed in Ashland

How sad! Another pedestrian has been killed in Ashland.

Please, motorists, watch and wait before making a turn whether right or left.

Ignore your right to make a turn after/before the pedestrian has crossed the center of the street. Let the pedestrian get at least three-fourths of the way across the street. A few seconds delay on your part will save lives and injury. There are many street crossings in Ashland where sight lines are poor or there are several lanes for a pedestrian to cross.

I use a mobility scooter to get around town. Recently I was nearly hit when I was crossing the intersection of North Mountain and East Main. I was in the crosswalk and the light was green but the driver in a van was not paying attention and jumped his turn.

Pedestrians, keep alert when you cross a street. Use your eyes and ears (no ear buds). Wear light or bright clothing. Make eye contact with the driver.

And finally, drivers, when there is an encounter between a vehicle and a human, the human always loses. Saving a few seconds is not worth a human life.

Edith Montgomery


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