Letter to the Editor

Objections to Obama are not just 'bickering'

In "fiscal cliff" negotiations, President Barack Obama has justified his inflexibility by crassly reminding us that he won the election and thus has the mandate of the people. But, let's not forget that more than 47 percent of American voters did not vote for him; he hardly can claim a mandate. These voters represent a legitimate political and economic viewpoint, demonstrated in Republicans' control of the House of Representatives for the past two elections.

These voters are not simply "tools of the wealthy" or ignorant extremists. They are average Americans who share a horror at the extent of the national debt and the reckless deficit spending. They want to reform our tax code and unsustainable entitlement programs. These Americans recognize the need for government and a strong social safety net — they only want them to be efficient, reasonable and sustainable. They see this administration ignoring sound fiscal and monetary policies in pursuit of an idealistic, unworkable economic egalitarian society by means of growth-destroying public spending and income redistribution.

These negotiations are not just "partisan bickering." This is a seminal time for the country. Will we have a renewal of sound, conservative economic principles, or continue a quest for the bankrupt European welfare state model?

George Mozingo


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