Letter to the Editor

ACT is in need of reorganization

Bravo to Jeannine Grizzard for recently producing and solo performing in Molly Tinsley's play "Pompadour" and for her dedication to Ashland Contemporary Theater. (Tidings, Feb 21, 2013, "ACT artistic director resigns"). Ms. Grizzard has worked hard and deserves credit for the performance of several plays during her three-year tenure as artistic director.

Unfortunately, ACT is weaker now than ever and is in need of reorganization. Board members and board presidents have come and gone, many staying for only a few months. ACT is now down to five loyal members. Ruth Wire, the most recent board president, has announced her resignation from that position.

That "essential" positions such as artistic directors and stage managers should be paid, however, is simply not practical. ACT should and can produce plays using only volunteers, as many successful community theaters do.

A team of people interested in actively participating in local off-Bardway theater productions needs to be built. Local writers, including myself, have launched productions to see their work produced and found volunteers for all the essential positions mentioned in the article. ACT can do the same. Let's band together and make ACT a truly voluntary community enterprise.

Bert Anderson


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