Letter to the Editor

Fingers crossed on asphalt plant

Mountain View Estates in Talent has a conundrum. There is an asphalt plant in the Bear Creek flood plain, in the urban growth boundary of Talent, applying to the county for a nonconforming use permit to operate within a county residential zone. Good family, running a good business, good jobs, no question. The neighboring senior community of 164 homes is suffering from off-gassing, dust and noise — a primary reason why heavy industrial should not be permitted in residential zones.

In an appeal, residents have shared their health challenges and advice from their physicians, that their environment may be aggravating their health concerns.

Despite the cries for help, the residents have stated, they don't want to see the plant go out of business, they want compromise. They just want the plant to find industrial zoned land and move.

The high road, very inspirational! What does the future hold? Liability battles over health issues? Potential environmental challenges to Bear Creek, in the flood plain, on the greenway? Or compromise that is win-win for everyone concerned. My fingers are crossed!

Darby Stricker


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