Letter to the Editor

Try using science and facts to argue against climate change

Those denying climate science might like to pay attention!

Don't justify your opinions with claims that deny basic principles of physics and chemistry unless you are prepared to rewrite physics and chemistry textbooks and redesign 21st century industry and technology.

Don't use evidence to support your claims that are obviously false or totally irrelevant to your conclusions unless you want to destroy your credibility.

Check the information you promote and confirm that it's credible, otherwise it will support nothing you claim.

Confirm you are using evidence to support your opinion that is actually consistent with what you claim unless you want your evidence to deny your opinions.

Remember that someone else's opinion does not constitute evidence that supports your opinions; credible, relevant evidence is needed.

Use peer-reviewed scientific literature, not transparently biased and inane videos and websites.

If you claim that the current warming is driven by some natural event, identify clearly which natural factor you claim is causing the current warming. Then check the science to determine if the factor you claim to be the cause could possibly be having the effect you argue it has.

If you cannot meet these criteria, rethink your opinion.

Louise Shawkat


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