Letters: At length

Film a reflection of real life saga

"There will be a bloody allegory" is a bloody story ending in heartbreak and collapse, foretelling the death of the human habitat and the death of God.

That is, allegorically the saga of Mr. Plainview is a description of "late capitalism" in its final stages of the rape of mother earth.

Plainview epitomizes the type of profit-seeking man who at once uses and hates people, being the ruthless, duplicitous representative of the murderous economic system within which he works out his destiny.

Plainview is an "Oil Man" and the most dramatic scene in the story depicts an oil well's violent eruption into explosion and flames, graphically illustrating what follows upon the releasing of oil and carbon gases into our environment and what a threat it is to the ecological basis of our existence.

OIL! Without which almost nothing in modern civilization can function. We have come to the dark bloody end of our blind alley.

The only force that (temporarily) stymies Mr. Plainview is embodied in the person of a fundamentalist preacher. This, too, must be seen allegorically. Christianity was the most formidable force standing in the way of capitalism's advance &

after all, what Christianity teaches is the antithesis of what capitalism practices.

The climatic scene: The Oil Man, having forsaken family and friends, is left only with a raging alcoholic emptiness of body and spirit. When the prodigal preacher returns and begs for help, Plainview forces him to proclaim that he, the preacher, has always been a false prophet and that God does not exist. Plainvew then denies the broken preacher's request before brutally murdering him. Plainview's final words: "I am finished."

Do not look for signs of hope. The signs all point to more blood &

that's the view plain enough for all to see.

Gerry Cavanaugh

Happy ending to tragic story

I would like to thank all of the community members who were supportive and concerned for my safety, and the safety of my dog Brodie, who was injured and lost on the night of Jan. 27.

Brodie and I were out enjoying the snow this particular snowy Sunday. I was on cross-country skis and Brodie was just loving the snow while on Morton Street at the Graveyard. Our innocent outing turned into tragedy when Brodie was struck down by an SUV traveling much too fast for the weather conditions &

on a quiet street in what used to be a quiet town.

Brodie appeared to be very injured, however he ran away before I was able to leash him back up and examine the extent of his injury. I asked the people driving the vehicle to drive me and my dog to my mother's home just two blocks away. This suggestion did not seem to set well with them.

Brodie was gone before anyone could see where he ran. I was out nearly all night long looking for my beloved companion. Many of the community stopped and took my phone number in the chance they may spot Brodie. The Ashland Police Department was also very helpful and supportive. I want to especially thank Officer Carrie Lesowski for her unending compassion and support during the night while my dog was missing. I would also like to thank Chaplin Father Weeks for his support and compassion.

Because of the support from all of the wonderful people who briefly touched my life that evening I was able to get a few hours sleep and begin again the next morning in search of my Brodie. Between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. I was putting up posters for my missing dog when a little boy told me he saw my dog just moments before on 5th Street. My dog and I were reunited at this time.

Brodie was very frightened &

shaken but not critically injured. Thank you everyone for all of your love and support. I truly feel because of all of this community support my dog was able to make it through the freezing night so he could come home. We both thank you.

Annie Melick

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