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Experience not a factor in this race

As I searched for Zeke Linsday's letter to the editor in support of Barack Obama, I quickly came across Bill Langan's letter in support of Hillary Clinton. Instead of writing a follow up to Zeke's approval of Obama, I would like to write a response to Bill's letter in favor of Clinton.

Kucinich was our best candidate by far. Following his recent withdrawal, as well as Joe Biden's, Christopher Dodd's, and John Edward's, we are left with a decision to make: Obama or Clinton? According to Bill Langan, the answer is easy to find. Who will stand up to republican mudslinging and who has the most experience?

Obama has taken more heat than Clinton during this primary process. In fact, Clinton has been the source of much of the criticism being placed on Obama. She recently criticized him for "praising" the Reagan administration, and her own campaign has launched two Web sites devoted solely to attacking Obama. Also, Obama has received a great amount of attention regarding his Christian faith and his Arabic name. To me, it seems clear that Obama has taken, and held strong through many more attacks than Clinton, and Clinton has been a main culprit in the ongoing bickering that is beginning to separate the Democratic Party.

If experience were truly an issue in Democrats minds, they would be looking towards 3-term representative and 5-term Senator Christopher Dodd, 6-term Senator Joe Biden, and perhaps even 6-term Rep. Dennis Kucinich. However, Democrats are not looking for the most experience, but candidates with the most power and motivation to move a nation. Not at all ironically, they have found these candidates in a woman, and an African-American, not to mention the two candidates with the least experience.

If we are searching for a president who will confront the conflicts in the Middle East, we are searching for Barack Obama, a Senator who opposed the Iraq war from the start.

Already, many well known people have endorsed Obama, including Oprah Winfrey, Sen. John Kerry, Kathleen Kennedy, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Patrick Leahy, former Sen. Bill Bradley, several current governors, and even the Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton, Federico Pe&


Does America wish to embark on a 24 to 28-year Bush-Clinton legacy, or are we finally ready to step away from the corporate bonds that drive our country, and take part in a legendary grassroots Obama campaign?

Noah Sohl

Accountability is needed for Bush

Last week President Bush signed the Defense Authorization Act of 2008, but issued a signing statement declaring himself not bound by provisions of the bill that prohibit him from using government funds to build permanent bases in Iraq. He is in effect nullifying the strongest balance of power provision of the Constitution, the "power of the purse" held by Congress.

According to the Boston Globe, all of the leading presidential contenders except John McCain have said they would use signing statements if elected. If this precedent of denying Congress's oversight established by the Bush Administration is not rebuked by Congress, it will be perpetuated into our country's future, potentially causing further abandonment of the balance of powers principle.

"I reject the notion in his signing statement that he can pick and choose which provisions of this law to execute," said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California. "His job, under the Constitution, is to faithfully execute the law &

every part of it &

and I expect him to do just that." (Boston Globe, Jan. 30).

Bold words, or merely a pro-forma tepid scolding? It is incomprehensible that the Speaker of the House has impeded action in the House Judiciary Committee to conduct impeachment proceedings. The Constitution's continued deterioration is one among a long list of reasons for which impeachment must be allowed to continue. If the reason for her inaction is that she is compromised because she has kept silent after being briefed on unconstitutional practices of the Administration (torture, rendition, domestic spying, etc.) then it is time for her to resign as Speaker.

According to Pelosi's Web site, Congress under Democratic leadership is "restoring accountability." But Congress has done almost nothing to hold the administration accountable for its egregious unconstitutional abuses of power.

Do not let Bush's power grab and Congress's compliant rollover become our national heritage. They must be denounced. Please join me in contributing a to a deluge of letters and phone calls to Speaker Pelosi demanding that she support the Judiciary Committee in its constitutional duty to investigate the impeachment allegations currently assigned to it.

Jack Seybold

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