Letters to the editor

Support for Wallbank

I am writing to endorse Erik Wallbank for the Ashland School Board.

I have worked with Erik for many years at the Ashland Food Cooperative. As a member of our Board of Directors, Erik has been a huge part of our incredible growth over the years. We're one of the largest and most successful food coops in the country; people come from all over to see our operation and learn from us.

Erik has contributed to our growth and success with a leadership style that values consensus and community building as well as with a wide array of skills in finance, expansion and future planning. He will serve the school district with energy, talent and integrity. I am looking forward to voting for him.

Elaine Deckelman

HABA Manager

Ashland Food Cooperative

Support for Massie

I invite you to join me in voting for Keith Massie for Ashland School Board Position

5. I have known Keith for many years as both a colleague and friend. Keith has an excellent professional reputation based on his creativity, integrity and calm, thoughtful demeanor.

His track record of volunteering in our community reveals the breadth of his contributions and strengths. He has been a member of the Walker School Site Council, the School District Budget Committee, and a number of other school-related volunteer activities. He has contributed his expertise to such diverse

groups as the Ashland Traffic Safety Commission, where he served two years

as Chair, and the Mukombe Marimba Board of Directors.

He has also widely participated in the activities of the professional associations to which he belongs and where he is a leader in Geographic Information Systems.

Once again, please join me in voting for Keith Massie for Ashland School Board Position

5. Keith is the right person for this job.

Pat Acklin

More support for Massie

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith Massie both as a volunteer on the Charter Review Committee and in his capacity as Manager of the County GIS Department. I have been most impressed with Keith's professionalism, his thoughtful approach to problems, his thoroughness in completing tasks and his ability to work cooperatively with others. He has an impressive record in service to the schools and an extensive background in community service activities and programs. Keith will make a strong and capable addition to the Ashland School Board. Please vote 'yes'S for Keith Massie, School Board position


Don Montgomery

Wallbank gets high marks

I believe that serving on a governing board, as a public service is a noteworthy contribution to community. The Ashland School Board is an essential decision making body in our city. I see this group of elected officials giving countless, and appreciated, hours, in an effort to sustain and improve education for the children and youth of Ashland.

It takes dedication, innovation, and lots of energy to address the issues facing schools today with budget constraints, curriculum alignment, new diploma requirements, and workforce demands. Erik Wallbank is a person willing to support this effort with leadership, experience, and diplomacy. I have known Erik for almost twenty years and have served with him for several terms on the Board of Directors at the Ashland Food Coop/Community Food Store.

Erik will bring many assets to the school board. He has great energy and skills as a facilitator. He pays attention to the group dynamic and honors the contributions of all members. He is an honest and relentless problem solver. Erik holds a comprehensive, long term, perspective even when we are dealing with the minutia of the moment.

I appreciate anyone willing to serve our community in a high profile, high-pressure role like the Ashland School Board. In this case, I believe Erik Wallbank is a high quality candidate who would serve this decision-making, governing body with his best effort, which in my experience has always been highly valued.

Serena Ota St. Clair, Ph.D.

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