Letters to the editor

School 'A' is graffiti

This is in response to a front-page article on Saturday, May 12 about a former AHS student who wants to revive a "tradition" by painting a big white "A" on Grizzly Peak. The article further states it would be a matter of "civic pride."

What pride could one possibly derive from defacing the beauty of Grizzly Peak with a big, white "A" painted on it? It would impact the whole landscape and, in my opinion, is the worst kind of graffiti. We are all so privileged to live in this lovely valley surrounded by beautiful and majestic mountains. Everything possible should be done to protect them from this kind of misuse.

I am surprised that anyone in the school administration would even give this kind of activity a second thought. Surely there is a better and more productive way to demonstrate school spirit and civic pride.

Julianne Ashmead

Turned off of

While listening to OPB, I learned of Jackson County's library levy defeat. I couldn't help marvel at the paradox of Ashland hosting a Shakespearean festival, while its library doors are shuttered.

And while I know Jackson County, as a whole, has varied income levels &

it's hard to fathom those stratospheric real estate ads papering windows just down the road from Ashland's closed doors of letters.

I've made annual, or even more frequent, pilgrimages to Ashland's OSF, but I'm inclined to skip this year's visit. I'll miss OSF's world-class performers, but a recent barrage of membership telemarketing has turned me off. Why not support my local theatres a bit more, instead? If Ashland's California-style sales tax on dining can't help keep a library open, then I don't want to pay it.

Jeff Cole Portland

We did it to ourselves

We did it to ourselves, so please don't complain when we can't get the services in Ashland that we would like. By voting down the charter amendment to change our city administrator system of government to a city manager system, we continue to allow our city council members to micro-manage our departments. This prevents our department heads from doing their jobs.

They are forced to spend time every day pleasing the whims of the council, instead of spending the time managing the operations of the city. We are about to lose two more good department heads, which can no longer stand to waste their talents. The council should be setting policy and focusing on the big picture instead of telling staff how to do their daily functions. It's too bad that our sophisticated small city with a super large budget is run like an ignorant, backwater little berg.

Jerry Kenefick

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