Letters to the editor

Home assessments create less revenue

Well babes, you should've voted for the library levy. You would've gotten off cheap. One huge reason our county is in such dire financial straits is because our County Tax Assessor isn't doing their job.

I just called the Assessor's office. The home my son grew up in is currently on the market for $659,000. But its assessed value is only $196,200! Why, that's not even half the market value.

I think everyone should wonder about the levy-protesting Mr. Mrs. Moneybags &

how little have their palatial mansions been assessed at? If homes in Ashland sold for their assessed value, maybe regular folk could afford to buy them.

The assessed value of any property is public information. You can call up the Assessor's office and find out for yourself.

Throughout Jackson County, people are paying but a fraction of the due property taxes because of gross underassessment. And here they moan and groan about a comparatively little levy to keep our libraries, our American institutions, open.

For shame!

Patti Morey

Thanks from Keith Massie

My recent election to the Ashland School Board was a cooperative effort of many friends. Never having run for elected office before, I relied heavily on the sound advice of several individuals throughout my campaign.

I want to thank my campaign manager, Susan Roudebush (my wife), and my Campaign Treasurer, Parker Massie (my 7th-grade son). Additionally, I appreciated the hours of sage advice provided to me by my two "shadow" campaign managers, Pat Acklin and Pam Moore. And thank you to everyone who supported me by writing a letter to the editor.

I also want to acknowledge the Ashland voters. In my opinion, they are the most knowledgeable and well-informed voters a campaigner could ever hope for. They make sound decisions based on good information. Thanks for supporting me in this election!

Keith Massey

Thanks from Ashland schools

Recently I thanked the many businesses that so very generously donated food and beverages to the Ashland Schools Foundation fund drive. Unfortunately a few key businesses were inadvertently left off of my thank you list.

Our sincerest thanks go to Jonathon Warren of the Best Western Windsor Inn, who provided a conference room for us to use on each of the six calling nights.

Grateful thanks also to Mihama Teriyaki Grill for providing a teriyaki feast.

And lastly, thank you to James Stephens and Sprint/Nextel for providing our volunteers with cell phones (it wouldn't be much of a phone drive without them!).

We deeply appreciate the support of these businesses and community members!

Karen Amarotico

ASF Board Member

Congrats on slow growth

The Daily Tidings of April 28 reported the population growth of Ashland has been slower than expected and for the past two years may be less than half of the 1.5 percent per year growth, generally assumed.

Congratulations and thanks to our mayors, city councils, city planners and the city staff. I believe those numbers affirm you are doing exactly what the citizens want.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Peffer

Gift or curse?

The other day, I asked a homeless person who asks for money on the streets of Ashland, "How do you spend the money that you get?" The person rushed to assure me that contrary to what many people think about panhandlers, this person doesn't spend the money on drugs.

The person then described how they spent a recent $13 that they got. First they bought a bottle of wine. Then they bought a pack of cigarettes. And they spent the rest of the money on coffee.

This person had just rattled off the names of three drugs: alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. These drugs are legal, but still habit-forming, and harmful.

I used to take panhandlers to retail establishments where I could buy them what they said they needed. Perhaps that's a better way to give to someone asking for money on the street.

Ambuja Rosen

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