Letters to the editor

Volunteer Police are valuable assets

I am referring to the article written by Vickie Aldous, "City budget woes hit police, fire." On page three is a statement by Mayor Morrison, "I want to applaud the police department in trying to find creative ways to police the downtown. Looking for economical ways to achieve police department goals is to be applauded."

I am surprised that no mention was made of the contribution made by the men and women of the Senior Volunteer Police. We provide services to the entire city, which bridge the gaps between the police department and the people they serve. One of the several services is the "Downtown Foot Patrol." Other services are "bicycle patrol on bike paths, vacation house checks, security for special events, couriers to the district attorney offices, circuit court, juvenile court, Medford records and sheriff's dept., operate a radar board.

We are generally considered additional eyes and ears for the police dept. and have been called "good will ambassadors" ready to serve as well as providing additional police presence on the streets. All this without additional costs to the City.

Olaf Paul


Senior Volunteer Police

Impeach Gonzales

Gonzales must be impeached. It is clear now that he and others in the White House knew that their communications surveillance would be widely regarded as illegal, tried to get Ashcroft to approve it and then lied about it.

Dr. Frederic Gibbs

Suggestion for Eric Navickas

Eric Navickas, I support your option for opening the library that you sent out after the meeting on May 17. A total community contribution to sustain our libraries and other services is to have a sales tax &

city, county or state, a couple or all 3.

I am willing to pay property taxes for community services &

always have been. It is time we have a sales tax in Oregon so that all citizens are contributing to their communities and the tourists who come through and use our services.

Property owners are the ones who constantly get hit. We need full community participation for the health and welfare of the entire community, city, county and state. The federal government is in the business of war. We are not going to get money from them. Please give this your serious consideration.

Kathleen Meagher

Support for vocational classes

I am disappointed that Ashland administrators must consider cutting some of the most important subjects available to AHS students. Hands-on classes like welding, mechanics, and auto-shop are critical to the success of the technically minded. Vocational skill building is not only important for students who plan to enter the workforce directly, but also for students pursuing higher education as engineers, architects, or technicians.

Not only did the experience and skills I gained from AHS shop class prepare me to succeed through the graduate level in engineering and technical business, it is currently serving me well as a consultant for the semiconductor and hi-tech industries. I also know that these experiences were valuable to my friends and other AHS alum.

It may be difficult for academics to recognize the value of vocational experience, but as a professional, I know that the time I spent in the shops at AHS produced something very valuable to me, and in turn to our community. If I could choose, my tax dollars would go direct to AHS shop.

Go Grizz.

I can't resist AHS shop wins national awards and produces local workers that support our economy. What kind of performance record keeps political science in the curriculum?

Nate Monosoff


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