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Environmentalists try to save habitat

On the abuse of "terror" in regard to environmentalists.

Shame on us! The courts are throwing the "terrorist" book at environmental activists, sentencing them to cruel prison terms for the destruction, not of any lives, but of property. Could we say the same about our government's actions in Iraq and elsewhere? These activists are simply trying to save the habitat that we all depend on.

It is reasonable for such citizens to conclude that our political system is corrupt and our government is not about to do anything meaningful to save the planet. Direct action is arguably a rational step when the authorities are controlled by special interests, which care only for immediate profit.

Such acts of civil disobedience and destruction of property are within the American tradition: the Boston Tea Party and the Abolitionist Movement come to mind.

To label such activists "terrorists" is to malign them and their motives and to cover up the damage our corporate entities are inflicting on all of nature and on all of us. Instead of sending them to prison, we should employ them constructively in repairing our natural environment and in expressing the truth about what we are doing to our only home: our habitat.

I write this letter in support of them. They are calling attention to extremely important issues and it is clear that our political leaders are doing nothing about those issues or, at best, much too little and much too late.

Ragan Cavanaugh

Thanks to 'Fun Walk' sponsors

"Food and Friends," the Jackson County senior meal program, would like to thank the following businesses for sponsoring our recent "Fun Walk."

Ashland Community Hospital; Ashland Drug; Ashland Optometric Clinic; Ashland Sanitary and Recycling; Ashland Shop-N-Kart; Asante Health System; Bear Creek Surgery; Charter Media; Central Point Grange; Craig Chow, M.D.; The Human Bean; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers No. 659; KC's Adult Foster Home; Keene Dental; LandAmerica Lawyers Title; LTM Inc.; Lithia Motors Inc.; Litwiller-Simonsen Funeral Home; McDonald's; Oak Tree School For Dogs; Paden Eye Care Center; Paradise Footwear; Partners Construction; Pro-Maintenance; Reality Productions; Reinholdt O'Hara Insurance; Pat Stoddard/ReMax; Rogue Federal Credit Union; Ross Johnston Tire Sales; Talent Pharmacy; Timber Products; Town and Country Chevrolet; Trophy Club; and Versatile Concrete Construction.

Our appreciation is also extended to the generous community support, with gift certificates and pledges, and to our "Fun Walk" leaders Gayle Wilson, Mayor John Morrison and Marian Telerski.

Neal Arsenault,

Ashland Site Manager

"Food and Friends" staff, volunteers and participants

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